Monday, August 6, 2012

A Japanese festival and new hair at Alli & Ali hair and these make a HUGHE blog.

Today just 2 items. Someone (sorry, I forgot who) told me there was a great Japanese festival on the Punjin Sim. It is called Sendai Tanabate Festival. So I went there and wow, it was so much fun! Lots of stalls with great low priced stuff and a LOT of free gifts. You can get to the festival by taking this LINK. Just walk around, get some food and enjoy the festival!
And below I am showing you what I got there! All I am showing was free.
This first branche with lampoons is by Ride. Ride also has a necklace with gummy worms for you.

And this cute balance ball with poses is by Wing Factory. And do you know how hard it is to balance with high heels?
If you do not like to walk along all these stalls you can get this fun Street ATV.
I got quite a lot of bikini's on this festival. These are by La Regina Dell Rosa.
And this one is by Hare.
This one is by Maretial Mizugi.
Over to some sexy lingerie I found at this festival. This is by Milky Way.
And this set with lingerie and dress is by Kona@! and the drink bottle is by Goodies. The jewelry is included with the dress.
I found some more cute dresses. Like this one by Luxury Hair Jade.
Or this dress by Satoko Acerola OP Rude rebel.
And this one by Tetora.
And this dress is by AkikoLoid Akiko.
Or you can get this very Japanese dress, a short kimono dress by Punjin Akiba Lunne.
To wear with these dresses you can get some great jewelry at the festival. I found these bracelets by +Cresent.
And this lovely necklace and earrings set by Ginza.
Or you can wear these great prim nails by Pulcino wih your dresses.
If you need shoes to wear with these outfits: you can find then on the Festival too ! Like these ones by Kowloon shoes.
Or these ones by RB02.
And you can even find hair on this Festival, and some great food. This is all by Kiedis.

These cute bandanas are by Silver Hawk.
Then I found this Apron for my honey at Didi on the festival.
And this tee shirt by Oppal. I am not sure what I am seeing though.
I also found a very funny is by L..R
Last one I found there was this pair of (male) pants by DROP and the shirt is by Imouto.
Over to Alli & Ali hair. Alli & ali have changed their group gifts and their voting gifts at the mainstore. The gifts change EVERY friday at noon SLT, so don't wait too long to get these gifts! Also take a look at the ACTION wall at the store, group members get a 50% discount if they are wearing their group tag!
There is also a petie group gift available (not shown).

Alli & Ali hair also has some GREAT gifts in their MARKETPLACE store. These gifts are just for a limited time so again: don't wait too long to get them. The names are links to Marketplace.