Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some 60 L$ offers, some shoes, some hunting to do

Today I am going to start with some great 60 L$ offers. A lot of designers participate in these weekly 60 L$ offers and you can find pics of them HERE. I will start with the two great 60 L$ offers Sascha's design has at their store.
This cute pink dress is called Biatch and the sexy black top & pants set is called Larisa. Both are 60 L$ at Sascha's Design.

Sascha's Design also has a weekly gown offer, which means she offers one of her great gowns for half the regular price! This week it is the lovely Sienna in gold and you can get this beauty for 275 L$ with all options.

SLC also has some great 60 L$ offers. You can find this elegant Ruth cocktail dress there in many colors, each for 60 L$ (mesh) or you can go for the sexy little bikini which also is available in many lovely colors.

You can decide to wear new shoes with the lovely outfits above, so why not take a look at Affordable Living? They have many shoes for just 1 L$. Showing you a few examples below.

M's Avon has been away for a while, but YAY they are back. They are celebrating their 4th aniversary and they have a great group gift for all memners. I also got a beautiful necklace and earrings set from M's Avon, which would go great with the lovely outfits above..

If you need a new extravagant hat to wear with your lovely gowns you could try to get this one from the lucky chairs at Curio Obscura!
Over to the hunting ladies. I went to Deviance as they always have great hunt prices and I found out they were participating in the Itty Bitty hunt. You have to find a red heart at their store and my hint is LOOK UP. It isn't hard to find :)
And if you find it you will get this lovely gown in blue.
Another hunt I have been doing is the Sexy Bish hunt. You have to find a red lollipop at the participating stores and you can find a link & hint page HERE, which is a great help. The hunt runs till August 31st so you still have time to go find these lollipops.
I found the lollipop at Sassy and I got this cute little pink dress as a gift!
And this cute outfit is hidden inside the lollipop at Kucinta. The cute red flats are included.
Another great gift is yours if you find the lollipop at Les Sucreries de Fairy.
The next shop is Black Cat Bones. If you want to wear this outfit go hunting for that lollipop ladies. The shoes are included.
I found the lollipop at Bitch Tail too and to my surprise this cute outfit was inside it.
Last one for today is Silk Dreams and they have this cute Bohemina shorts set hidden inside their red lollipop.