Friday, November 12, 2010

Yet MORE Bubblez....and make up by Kiko and something REALLY naughty...

Girls I went back to Bubblez and found out I got only HALF of the presents they give away to group here is the rest (and a few from Lucky Boards in the shop)
Lovely feather cape

This outfit comes with tattoo and shoes and jewels

LOVE these shoes :)

This outfit comes with hair and skin

I got some band aids too....


Face Jewels

Lucky chair
Lucky chair
                                                                   Lucky chair items

WOW that was a LOT...I enjoyed unpacking and taking pics...the clothes are FUN.
I also got the make up from the midnight mania board at Kiko and it looks like this: (the middle one is my normal skin)

OK I didn't want to put this on top so I put it WAY low on my blog because I don't want to be seen carrying is a gift from the TDTH hunt at CONCRETE FLOWERS. It is just the BAG ladies, not what is in it :)

Enjoy shopping ladies :) (even naughty shopping)

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