Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cute ankle boots and things from all over SL....

Today I will start with some really cute ankle boots by Drakke!...arent'they the best?

OK I will just go on...I have so many things from all over that I really don't know what to blog first...Hmmm let me think? I love hair...and Lala Moon has plenty freebies and lucky boards :)
The hair I am showing is all free, either as a gift or from the Lucky Board.

Zyrra gives away lovely Jane scarfs in 4 you can use them during autumn and winter :)

Violet Voltaire gives away a lovely tiara set in purple as a hunt gift in the store and I found this very cute dollarbie there too.
Oracul has a very cute dance AO and it is free too :)
Jills gives away a lovely lace bolero and gold shoes on het MM board and lucky board.

Vanilla Dream has a cute dollarbie and it looks like this:
The simply sheer set below is a freebie by Affinity Boutique
And the sexy tight outfit is by YESSSS and called Froozen.

Cativa et Cativo have a few very nice freebies in their store too. There is a purple box in the corner on the floor with the free items.

Next freebies are by M.E. and by
Dr. Life, both available in store .

these are by M.E.

These are by Dr. Life

Enjoy shopping ladies :)

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