Friday, November 19, 2010

The rest of the blog.....with the sexy stuff at the bottom :)

Sorry ladies, sometimes RL comes first and yesterday I didn't have the time to finish the here's my next try...

DBT gives away a lovely gift. Cute elegant jeans and a shirt, but also these crazy shoes. Aren't they sexy?
Delights by Talena ladies.

Ray skin (I have blogged them before) has loads of Lucky boards and many 1 L items. I got the ones on the right from their LB.

White Widow has a few very nice tattoos as a gift, some for your face and some for the whole body.

G&N has a HUGHE box with all kinds of clothes for free. I just blogged a few of them but the box is worth getting.

Next new make-up from Elegant she is GREAT. Making skins now too.

This lovely gold outfit is by Tala and you can find it here.

Malleys has a lot of very cute freebies. Even their sneakers are GREAT. I loved shopping there :)

And last but not least I did a quick stop at Urban girl and got a few things from their LB.


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