Friday, November 26, 2010

Alexohol hunt, Poison, Sassy Kitty, E! and xAwram Viie outlet

Hi girls, I hope you are looking forward to the weekend and you are ready for some serious shopping. Alexohol has a cute hunt, not too difficult and you are looking for a cocktail glass. In each glass you find a very nice present as shown below:
These cute jackets in 3 colors are by Izzys design. The black one is below on another pic.

Cute green and white shirt and the long pants are a gift too, so are the short black pants.
The scarfs in black and brown are a hunt gift by Sassy Kitty.

These cute boots are a hunt gift too, I took the pic this way so you can see the lovely texture on the boots. They are very well made.
The shirts can be found in the other shops. Just look for a cocktail glass.


Talking about Sassy Kitty: I found this on their MM boards in the store :)
Poison has WOW SEXY jeans in their MHOH (for guys, but HEY, they look GREAT on me, so I am not complaining :) You are looking for the international male sign.

They also have THIS dress in their MM board. The black face painting is by Saschas design, you get 5 for 100 L$ in black or white

While I was talking in the FabFree group I noticed E! (you can take the limo to the store HERE) has a few dollarbies in their shop too. Cute brown turtle neck dress and a lovely white shirt.
Look for black and red boxes.

The cute bags are a group gift by Babymonkey.


A special find is xAwram Viie outlet...(I actually have no clue if that is the right name of the store...) they have so many freebies I can't show them all, but they are GREAT...hop over and take a look. All the cute pants, dresses, jackets and sweaters are free.

Happy shopping ladies !

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