Monday, November 15, 2010

Sassy Kitty and plenty skins and make up...and Marketplace...

I went to Sassy Kitty and got a LOT of freebies there....mostly from hunts which are going on in their store, but also from the lucky chairs.
This one I found HERE (look for the hunt item)

 Also wearable with the cute free pants at the entrance HERE (they come in black, red and white)

And this one is found HERE

The outfit on the right is found HERE

The outfir on the left is found HERE

They are all hunt items, look at the boards in the shop to find out which item you are looking for.

The outfit below in purple was found HERE

On Marketstreet I found the following items:

The sexy black dress was HERE

And the sexy red and white cocktail dress HERE.

And the blue gown was found HERE

I went to Miasnow mainstore. They have a few lucky boards but I went for the FTLO hunt item... WOW cute skins WITH freckles :)
I couldn't resist that one !

The next shop has some really cute skins too, sexy bright make up...and a very exceptional dress...The shop is called Elegant Epiffany and the skins and make up are group gifts.

The last item for today are super cute elegant ...they go with every gown you have. The shop is called Virtual Impressions.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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