Sunday, January 24, 2016

WoW these skins are enticing!

Hello Readers!
Today I will start with a lovely new skin by WoW skins. This beauty is called Delia 2016 and you can find this awesome skin in 6 skin tones on the Bombshell event which runs till February 5th. Delia 2016 is an elegant sophisticated skin and all appliers you might need are sold separate. The skins are not free and they are an exclusive for this event.
The lovely hair is by Truth hair and it is called Georgina. I am wearing the REDS version of this hair and you can find it in the 50 L$ sale section of the store.
REMEMBER: I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with all skins. These freckles are NOT included in the skin. You can buy them on Marketplace for 5 L$ for 4 freckle layers.
Then I went to Entice to have a look at their new 60 L$ offers for this weekend. The lovely sets below are called Walk this way and there are 7 versions to chose from! Each one is just 60 L$.
The elegant shoes are by Like Design and they are called Sandy shoes. These shoes come with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of each part of the shoe, so you can adjust the shoes to all your outfits! Look at the lower picture to see how I adjusted the shoes to my outfits! (NOT free)

And the lovely hair is also by Like Designs and this hair is called Tadla. I am wearing the Rainbow version of this hair. You get 10 tones in each package. (NOT free).
Entice also has a new gift in their NON group Midnight Mania board. This lovely dress called Scarborough Fair is yours if the board closes. Go get your friends to click!
Over to Maica Fashion. They have a Midnight Mania board and several lucky chairs and you can get some awesome dresses there! Below is what I got. There is no group needed for the board or the chairs! So get your friends over to click the boards!