Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wearing a winter coat or shorts and sandals?

Hello Readers!
It is winter here in the Netherlands, but in other parts of the world it is warm and sunny. So what to wear? Will it be a winter coats with booties or do you want to wear shorts and sandals?
Well you can find both on my blog today!
Let me start with the Designer Circle today. You can find this sexy Lazy Time outfit there and it is on offer by WellMade. The set comes with a blouse with HUD and this HUD changes the colour of the blouse into 11 colours. There are matching shorts included and they come with a HUD which changes the colour into 5 tones. All appliers are included and this set is 160 L$ including the huds.
The cute flat sandals are by ModanMesh and you can find them as a gift at the Free Dove. They are NOT for mesh feet, they come with the feet and a colour change HUD for the skin. I am wearing the sandals with my Maitreya Lara mesh body.
The lovely Orbit set is FREE on Marketplace and RealEvil Industries is offering it there as a gift.
The beautiful Ellaine skin is by LoveMe Skins and you can find her at the Designer Circle in 3 skin tones for just 199 L$ per skin tone. Appliers are included and each skin tone comes with 3 lipstick versions.! I am wearing the TAN version on my blog today!
REMEMBER I am wearing extra freckle tattoos with the skins. The freckles are NOT included! You can find them on Marketplace by Glamorize for 5 L$.
The fun hair is again Mariska by Truth hair and you can find this hair in their back (Sales) room for just 50 L$ per hair colour. You get 5 tones from each hair colour.
WellMade is offering a lovely top at the Designer Circle too. This elegant top is called Nebula and this shirt comes with a colour change HUD to change the pattern into 3 different ones. The shorts are NOT included.
To wear with those sexy outfits you could decide to get a tattoo and this Medusa one is on offer at the Designer Circle by Queen of Ink. You have a choice of sleeves, a back tattoo or both in one buy. The last one is 195 L$, the sleves or the back only are 95 L$. All appliers are included.
Over to the winter part of my blog. Which actually suits me better because it is COLD here. I am talking now about the lovely 500 Miles outfits and booties by Entice, They have 4 versions of these outfits, and each of these 500 Miles outfits comes with a colour change HUD which changes the coat, the top and the skirt into 3 colours or textures each, which means you have a LOT of options to wear these sets. There are also 3 scarves included.
With each set there are matching booties available also with colour change HUD, to change the soles, the boots, the trim, the button and the lock which also gives you ever so many options to wear the boots!
Each of these sets or each set of booties is just 99 L$, can you believe you will look this awesome for such a low amount?
You can see several options of all versions below, but there are plenty more options to wear the 500 Miles outfits and booties.
The lovely jewelry I am wearing is by Earthstones and they are giving the bracelets (actually for men, but they are resizeable by clicking them, so they fit women too) and the beautiful Lora set in Sunstone/gold as a gift at the Free Dove. No group needed.
I am wearing the lovely Olivia 2016 skin in darktan by WoW skins with the next outfits and you can find this skin at the Designer Circle too. This skin comes in 6 skin tones, ranging from a very light Milk tone to a dark Caffe tone. Each skin tone is just 199 L$ and Omega head/body appliers are also available for 199 L$ each. REMEMBER I am wearing extra freckle tattoos with the skins. The freckles are NOT included! You can find them on Marketplace by Glamorize for 5 L$.