Saturday, October 31, 2015


Morning Readers!
As you all know I am crazy about shoes. Well I am crazy about a lot of things, like hair, skins, outfits, jewellery, but shoes always make me happy.
So today I joined the Shoenique group and oh boy do they have a LOT of group gifts! Lots of shoes too. So I am going to show you what I got there below, but not without telling you that the Shoenique group is free to join!
All I am showing you below are Shoenique group gifts, except for the black & white shoes, they are an SLF&O group gift. This group is also free to join. The lovely skin I am wearing with the outfits is by WoW skins and she is called Ramona darktan with cleavage option. This skin WAS available at the Designer Circle, however this round of the Designer Circle closed. The skin will be available at the WoW store soon.
The beautiful hair is by Little Bones and it is called Riki. It is a free colour demo and it is fully wearable. You get all imaginable colours and the hair comes with 2 extensions, to the left and right, which you can wear together or separate or just leave them off.
The lovely necklace is a group gift by Shey. Joining the Shey group is free.
These shoes are an SLF&O gift

From one of the 4 lucky boards at Shoenique