Friday, October 9, 2015

Sale Sale Sale at Soulglitter on Marketplace!

Hi Readers!
Today I am blogging one of my favorite things: a huge sale. This sale is by SoulGlitter and you can find all sale items on Marketplace! Can it be more easy? Shopping without hopping?
Well many items by Soulglitter are 1 L$ or 10 L$, some are more expensive and there are also many freebies to be found.
I will show you a few of my favorite outfits and some Halloween outfits below. The names of the outfits/shoes/skins/eyes are above each picture with the link and the price.
Let me start with this fun Retro dress for 1 L$. This dress comes in many colours/textures, and they are all called Mesh dress. If you search for 1 L$ items in the store you will see all of them.
The lovely skin is Fany darktan cleavage by WoW skins and you can find this skin at the Designer Circle for 199 L$ per skin tone. There are 5 skin tones available and the Omega head/body appliers are included.
The lovely hair is from the group midnight mania board at Besom. Sadly there is a new hair style on the Midnight Mania board now. Joining the Besom group is 50 L$, there are 2 group gifts available.
Then I changed the hair. This hair is also by Besom and it was from their Lucky boards. However there are no lucky boards anymore. The name of the hair is Aries.
The dress I am wearing with this hair is Couture dress Blue. This dress also comes in many colours, I chose the blue one. Each of these dresses is 10 L$.
I am wearing great shoes/clogs with this dress and they are also on offer at Soulglitter. The Clogs are for SLINK high feet and you get a huge fat pack with over 17 different colours/textures for 99 L$. I am showing you just a few options below.
This dress is called Tunic Mesh dress and again this dress comes in many different colours. I am wearing the GOLDEN version of this dress and it is 10 L$.
With this dress I am wearing awesome over knee boots which you can buy in a fat pack of 20 colours for 99 L$. However you can buy the boots also separate, and this GOLDEN pair of Stiletto boots is 10 L$.
The beautiful jewellery is by Chop Zuey and it is their newest Group gift. Joining the Chop Zuey group is 350 L$ HOWEVER there are also gifts for NON group members available right next to the group gifts.
The next dress is called Party Dress Glitter and this dress is 25 L$. It comes with the cute silver glitter boots.
Now if you are wondering which skin I was wearing with the dress above: this skin is also by SoulGlitter and it is their Halloween special skin. This skin is just 1 L$ and you get 2 versions of the skin, including 3 pairs of eyes.
I am wearing this skin with the Halloween outfits I found at SoulGlitter below. I found some more scary eyes and these ones the Halloween edition are also just 1 L$
This awesome Halloween dress comes in 4 versions: white and orange, stained with blood and non stained. The set is just 10 L$.
With this dress I am wearing the Halloween version of the beautiful CLOGS I blogged above. This set of 4 different textures is just 10 L$ and you will need SLINK high feet to wear them.
Then I found this awesome Halloween Sweater which comes with a colour change HUD to change it into 8 different textures. The price is 65 L$.
With this sweater I am wearing jeans by Blackburns, which you can also find on Marketplace. The jeans are free and you get a blue and a black pair.
I am wearing Halloween Hiking heels with this outfit, and you get 3 different pairs for 10 L$.
I am totally ready to go Trick or Treating with the fun Halloween basket I found on Marketplace at Maiworks. This basket is free.
My last find for today is this awesome Rainbow sweater. This knitted sweater comes in many colours/textures and each one is 10 L$. I am wearing the same jeans as above with this sweater.
The boots are also by SoulGlitter and they come with a colour change HD to change the colour/texture into 16 different ones! 65 L$ for these sexy over knee boots.