Monday, October 12, 2015

Getting ready for Halloween

Hi Readers!
We do not celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands much and I had to ask in one of my groups when Halloween actually takes place. October 31st I was told. But I also know you need time to go shopping for that perfect Halloween outfit and look. So I am posting today ELEVEN great Halloween outfits and TEN are just 1 L$. The 11th is a group gift by Brii Underground and the group is free to join, so that one is free.
The ten outfits are hidden inside purple Overdose Sugar cupcakes at Brii Underground and you just have to find them and buy them for 1 L$ each. Or just find the one you like best and buy just one :). This Halloween mini hunt runs till October 31st.
But let me start with the PERFECT skin. This Videl skin in light milk tone is by WoW skins and it is available at the Mad Circus Fair (which runs till October 31st) and it is an exclusive for this fair!
With the outfits today I am mainly wearing a group Midnight Mania hair by Besom. The group is no longer free to join, you will have to pay 150 L$ to join. The hair is called Alder and you get a fat pack with all thinkable colour HUDS.
The hair on the first picture is the subscribo gift at Truth hair. You just have to click JOIN and the hair will be delivered. The name is Essena and you get a fat pack with all colours for free.
Now to the outfits. This is the Brii Underground group gift: (you can find it on the back wall near the Lucky chairs). Hat and boots are included. The Bob is a group gift at Pocket Mirrors, the group is FREE to join. With most gifts (also the hunt gifts) a make up layer is included. I am not wearing the make up with this frightning skin.
And this outfit is hidden inside cupcake #1. Shoes for SLINK high and make up are included, make up is not shown.
Cupcake #2. Booties for Slink high are included. There is also make up and stockings in the folder, not shown.
Cupcake #3. Slink High shoes are included. So is the jewellery.
Cupcake #4. Boots are included.
Cupcake #5. Hat and boots are included, Slink high.
Cupcake #6. Boots and jewellery are included.
Cupcake #7. Hat and shoes for Slink High are included.
Cupcake #8. Booties for Slink High are included.
Cupcake #9. Jewellery, hair piece and boots for Slink High are included.
Cupcake #10. Top hat, jewellery and the shoes for Slink High are included.