Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Free hair?

Hello Readers!
Today on my blog hair, hair and more hair....I updated the Free hair list for the SLF&O group (free to join and you really have to join that group! It is awesome) If you like to join the group copy the link in your SL nearby chat.
So I had to visit all the stores and see if they have free hair, group gifts (and if the group is free to join). I found many free hairs and I wanted you to have a chance to get those hair styles too. I am only blogging the FREE hair, or GROUP GIFTS with a group that is free to join.
Let me start with Lelutka. The Lelutka group is free to join and you get 5 great group gifts. All of them come with many options, just showing you a few possibilities below.
I am wearing the WoW skins Natasha skin in tan with the hairs on my blog today. It is their October group gift and the group is 360 L$ to join. However you get a free skin each month and you get about 37 previous group gifts too. And there are 18 group lucky boards you can click.
And Mr. &  MissC has this great Zyr hair as a gift. You just have to join their subscribo group to get it. You will receive a fat pack.
Then Pocket Mirrors has 4 hair styles for free. They are all called Sira and each hair style comes with a HUD with many colours. Just showing you a few options below. The hairs are on a small table and you can buy them for 0 L$.
With the Pocket Mirrors hair I am wearing the WoW skins Charlize in Darktan. You can find this beautiful skin in 5 skin tones for just 300 L$ (for all 5 skin tones) at the SWANK EVENT. There is a free gift of lovely eyeliners available too.
The next Nikola hair is by Milana and you have to join their update group to get it. You get a fat pack of this hair. The second hair is also an update group gift and it is called Olive and you get a fat pack of this hair too.
And Loq'ue has this great Rosolio fat pack of hair as a subscribo gift. Just showing a few options below.
The last one for today is by Eaters Coma. This one is a bit tricky because it is in a WALL. You have to cam inside the wall to see the free hair. It is a group gift but the group is free to join and you get a fat pack of this lovely hair.