Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Getting ready for Valentine?

Hi there Readers!
Saturday is 14th of Februari and that is Valentines Day. I took a look on Marketplace if I could find some nice (free) outfits for that day and I want to show you a bit of what I found today.
And for the last time there are gifts from the Hunt For Your Inner Slut which runs till February 15th. All gifts in this hunt are free.
So here goes...Valentines Day. Hmmmm I took a stroll along Marketplace and I found this fun mesh top by Statura for free on Marketplace. Perfect for Valentine I must say! I am weraing a pair of white jeans with this top, and this is a pair of a pack of white jeans by AVD Creations and this pack of jeans (full jeans, capris, short skirt and shorts) is also free. The fun heart shaped clutch is by Tuty's and it comes with a texture change HUD which changes the texture in many great colours. This clutch is also free.
The nail polish set is by Lemon Barley Designs and it is for SLINK hands and feet. You get 4 Valentine colours and it is free.
The skin I am wearing today is Aly Darktan by WoW skins and this skin is available at the Designer Circle till February 14th in 5 skin tones for 99 L$ per skin tone.
The lovely hair is Sophia by Tameless hair (not free).
Then I found anothe rlovely heart top and this one is by Clock Works. This lovely shirt with tyhe cut out heart is free.
My next find was this fun latex dress with a cut out heart on Marketplace. This dress is by Nabukadnedzar Zane and it is called Dark Diva red. It is 1 L$.
The elegant red heart necklace and earrings are called Amore and they are by D.M.M. Designs. The set is yours for 1 L$.
My last find from Marketplace is by Brii Underground and this mesh outfit comes with shoes for SLINK HIGH feet, make up, tattoos and jewellery for just 1 L$.
Over to the Hunt For Your Inner Slut. In this hunt you can visit 69 shops and you are looking for a golden cock in each store. No, not a rooster.
The hunt ends on february 15th so hurry if you still want to find one of the hunt gifts. There is a HINT & LINK page, which is helpful if you get stuck.
I landed at #45 D&G Fashion and inside their hunt item I found this lovely lingerie set including the elegant werdges for SLINK HIGH feet. You only have to find that cock to get it too.
And if you find this hunt item at #62 Bombshell this sexy outfit is yours to wear. You will get 3 different versions. The pasties are NOT included. Hunting is not that hard, the hints are very helpful.
Another participant in this hunt is #35 Deceitful Innocence and they will give you this very elegant blue burlesque outfit, including the hat, cane and boots. Sexy yet elegant...can you wish for more to satisfy your inner slut?
My last find for today is hidden inside the hunt cock at #39 Dee Designs & Fashion. You will get this sexy lingerie if you findthat hunt cock at their store!