Sunday, February 23, 2014

Something is bothering me...

Hi there readers,
Something is bothering me...sometimes I find really nice free things and I unpack them, put them on, take pictures, edit the pictures in Photoshop. Then I am ready to put them on my blog. However ...I usually check if the items I am going to blog are still there...and this time I found a lot of (older) free outfits at Virtual Attire. But when I checked them today (I got the outfits yesterday) they all were gone.
I don't have the time to find new stuff today nor do I have the time to take new pics and edit them. So I will still place a few of these outfits at the bottom of the blog. Why? Because Virtual Attire has many many Lucky chairs with these outfits or similar ones in even though you can't get them from the vendors, you can always stand there for a while and get them from the Lucky chairs!

But let me start with a short stroll along Marketplace. I just wanted to find some nice casual outfits today and I succeeded! This first dress is by Cysleek and you can find it for free on Marketplace. It is just a fun little brown dress with a stunning back side.
And this cute set of tops is by Cysleek too. The top comes in 5 colours and they are called Octopus tops (free).
Why did I get these tops? Because I also found these fun capri jeans by Mankind. They are free and I wanted to find tops but also a hoodie to go with these pants. The hoodie is a wearable demo by Wolfsbane and it is free. You can wear it with or without the print. The shoes are by NS (not free - 100 L$, but they come with a HUD to change their colour)
Then  I went ot Chop Zuey to pick up their latest gifts. This set is called Heart & Soul and the necklace is a gift for everyone, the matching earrings and ring are a group gift. Joining this group is 300 L$.
The next items are by Virtual Attire. Like I said: they were free...but they are gone. However there are a lot of Lucky chairs at the store and a questionmark board you can still get similar outfits for free there.