Saturday, February 15, 2014

a HUGE blog today

Hello Readers,
Today I have a lot to blog and I will start with the newest 60 L$ offers at Sascha's Designs. Each week on Friday the 60 L$ offers change and this week you can chose the elegant Elixer gown in red for 60 L$ or the sexy Antartica in dark red for 60 L$ or the fun (mesh) swing cocktail dress, also 60 L$.
The skin & shape are by WoW skins, Donna tan, cleavage option, make up #2. (NOT free)
And the lovely hair is Zaida by Tameless hair (ruby version, NOT free).
The beautiful jewellery is the Esme set by Lazuri (was a group gift).
Sascha's Designs has a special offer each week. One of their best selling gowns is on offer for half the regular price, which means this week you can get the dazzling Gracious gown in magenta for just 275 L$. You get all options shown below, 2 large ball gown skirts, a sleek skirt, mermaid skirt, a swishy skirt and a lovely sculpted top piece.
I also went to the Designer Circle. This round runs till Februuary 22nd, so you still have a few days to go grab those exceptional offers there! Like this great outfit by Masoom. They have the top, jacket and pants on offer at the Designer Circle in 2 colours (black or green). The top is 50 L$, the pants are 65 L$ and the jacket is 55 L$.
Another participant in the Designer Circle is Wertina. They have this cute skirt in 2 colours on offer at the Designer Circle (80 L$ per skirt) and a matching top in 2 colours for 50 L$ per colour.
Over to a tip from my friend Sue Trallis. Sue told me Poised is taking part in the FFH hunt and this hunt ends today, You are looking for a black bow tie in this hunt and if you can locate it at Poised this great colourful gown is yours. (1 L$ for the hunt item). Thanks Sue !!!
Poised also has a beautiful Valentine gown for 1 L$ at the elegant!
Talking about Valentine gowns and stuff...I still have some goodies from the Valentine Market. This market will be open till February 22nd.
Look what I found...this great set is the gift by VIPs Creations. You get the warm sweaterdress, the booties and the ripped stockings for free.
The next outfit is also a gift at the Valentine Market and this gift is by Womanity by Mrs. W.
And my last find at the Valentine Market is this eye shadow and lipstick by Zinas.
Then I had some left overs from Marketplace in my inventory. This cute dress is by Illi and it comes with a colout change hud for 100 L$. However you can change this dress into 8 textures.