Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Hi there Readers,
Today on my blog the newest 60 L$ offers by Sascha's Designs, and their newest Half price weekly gown offer. And their group gift for February!
And what else can you find on my blog today? The weekly 50 L$ offer by B!asta and their newest release. A new group gift skin by WoW skins. I am wearing their Donnatan skin on my blog all the time, but this new group gift is amazing! And a lovely jewellery set by Lazuri, which is free!
So let me start with the newest 60 L$ offers at Sascha's Designs. Each week there are 3 new ones, they change on Fridays. This week you can get a lovely red dress (mesh) called Faeyen in crimson, which is perfect for Valentines day! Or you can get a sexy black jacket which goes great with jeans or with elegant pants. The jacket is called MushiMush. Or grab that great set of tops called Tara!
The lovely jewellery is the newest group gift by Lazuri, called Esme. Joining the group is 350 L$ but there are several older group gifts available too and the Esme set alone is worth much more than 350 l$. The set is colour change.
The Weekly half price Gown offer by Sascha's Designs is the lovely Elysiee in pink candy. This lovely gown comes with many skirt options and it has a lovely top with straps. Just 275 L$ this week only! The weekly gown offer changes each Friday too.
The latest group gift by Sascha's Designs is a beautiful pink gown. Joining the group is 100 L$ but you will get about 70 previous group gifts for it is 100 L$ well spend! The elegant split skirt version is the monthly gift.
You can also buy extra skirts with the monthly gowns at Sascha's Designs. They are 75 L$ each and you can wear these skirts with the top of the monthly gown. This time you can buy a lovely Rococo skirt, a cocktail skirt, a fluffer skirt and a sleek skirt to style the monthly gown in a different way!
Sascha's Designs also has some awesome new Valentine dresses/gowns ladies. There are 5 to chose from, and they are each 149 L$. Yes you are right, I am showing just 4. If uyou want to see the 5th ...take the TP to the store :)
Over to B!asta. Each week they have a special 50 L$ offer and this week you can get this great leather coat in black for just 50 L$. What are you waiting for? For the snow to fall? Go get that coat ladies!
Now if you do not like the black colour: B!asta also has released eight other colours. They are of course not 50 L$ but they are great coats ladies !!
This great Gisella skin is the nwest group gift by WoW skins. It is just an awesome skin, so soft and elegant! Joining the group is 300 L$ but you get a new skin each month, you get a box with previous group gifts and you are allowed to cick their 2 Midnight Mania boards (group only) and their TEN Lucky boards (group only).
I am wearing this beautiful Gisella skin with the LOVELY set of jewellery & nails, which I got for free at Lazuri. This lovely set is in the Moondance Boutique and it is not group related! the set is called Passionate Hearts and you get bracelets, rings, earrings and a necklace. The nails are included!