Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Designer Circle Round #56, and some lovely hair....

Hello readers,
On this lovely Sunday I was visiting the Designer  Circle store once more and I found some really nice goodies there. I do not need to remind you that at the Designer Circle a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ or less. This 56th round runs till June 22nd, then the offers will change.
Below is what I found there.
Then I went to Azul to pick up their lovely new group gifts and after that I went a bit hair crazy on Marketplace and found some really nice hair for free for you all.
But let me start with the Designer Circle.
This first outfit is by Amarelo Manga and this lovely mesh dress is called Skull and it is 100 L$ at the Designer Circle. There is a lovely matching clutch available too, also for 100 L$. I was wearing this lovely dress on a short trip to Paris ladies..

The next outfit is by 1 Hundred and they have these 2 lovely Baby doll dresses at the Designer Circle. Each colour is available for just 95 L$. They came in very handy on my Paris trip....I slept in them...very comfy. There are 2 different panties included too!

Then I got these great top and pants also at the Designer Circle. Perfect for a day shopping in Paris, but also great to wear when you are just watching TV with your feet up after an exhausting Paris shopping spree. They are by Baboom and the top is 80 L$, the pants are 100 L$. The lovely sandals are by Energy and I got them for free at the Cynfull anniversary (some time ago), but they are now 300 L$ for 3 different beading colours at the Energy store.

The last outfit I got at the Designer Circle is this great one by Bellamissimo. The top and the skirt are 70 L$ each, but you get a hud with them so you can change the colour! I have been wearing them relaxing in the south of France after my Paris trip tray with all the fruit is a gift from the Boudoir Lucky Chair....

Over to the group gift by Azul. You get this great white dress if you are a group member. As I have been in the group for ages I cannot see if joining is free....but the group gift is great!
Then I went to Marketplace. First of all because the owner/designer of Plausible Bodies told me they had a GREAT pack of stockings for free in their Marketplace store. And what is a dress or gown without matching stockings or pantyhose's ladies? The stockings and pantyhose's are tintable, so you can wear them with all your outfits! LOVE the seam at the back! Don't forget to visit their Plausible Bodies store too! They have great stuff, believe me!

Then I kept thinking of hair. I am hair crazy. OK I am skin crazy too, or jewellery crazy...and don't forget shoe crazy. HEY we all have our bad sides :)
So I went to Edelstore on Marketplace and found some really great free hair there! Look below! The hair is only free in the colour I am showing you and the names next to the hair are links to where you can find the hair.

Just a last find from Marketplace....I couldn't resist. This lovely outfit including the wings is by Inga Wind and it is called Autumn Fae. And it is free.