Monday, June 24, 2013

Designer Circle #57, and some more goodies...

Dear readers,
The 57th round of the Designer Circle has started and ohhh they have many goodies for us all again. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and the designs are all by famous Second Life designers, so it is a great way to get some awesome design in your inventory for a very low price. This round runs till July 6th, after that date the offers will change again.
And what did I find there? The next 2 dresses are by Double Diva and they are both available at the Designer Circle. These dresses are 99 L$ each and they are mesh. I love them! BOTH! Oh boy....(looks at L$ credit) .....
The lovely jewellery I am wearing is by Lazuri. Lazuri has changed the store, it is worth to take a look there, looks awesome!
The lovely shoes are blogged below.
The great skin is called Viola and it is a gift from the Midnight Mania boards at WoW skins.

And the lovely shoes I am wearing with the dresses above are also available at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ per pair. They are by HollyHood and they are just a perfect fit with the dresses! The black shoes are called GNAR heels, and the red ones are called Red Lovers heels. They come with a hud to change the nails and the skin tone.

I am wearing these cute shoes with the cute mesh pants Abia Capalini has for 60 L$ at the Designer Circle. There is a black pair (shown) and a blue pair (not shown) available. The top is a freebie by HOC Industries and the lovely jewellery is by Lazuri. The poses I am using in this picture ate by Co*Motion and they are called Naughty Naomi. You can grab them at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$.
The next outfit is by Amarelo Manga. They have this cute romper at the Designer Circle for 100 L$. You can pick up the matching booties for 100 L$ too at the Designer Circle ladies.
My last find for today at the Designer Circle:  this great set by Masoom. The top is just 55 L$ and the pants are 90 L$ at the Designer Circle ladies. A perfect outfit to go jogging, or to go to the beach. Or just to hang out with your friends!

Over to something completely different. This great dress is a gift from the lucky boards at The Lost ladies. They have several boards with skins, but also with clothing. TP your friends in, the boards are no group.
The lovely jewellery I am wearing with this dress is the newest group gift by Lazuri.
The beautiful skin is Viola by WOW skins and it is from their Midnight Mania board.
The great Daisy blouse below is also from the Lucky Boards at The Lost and the jewellery is the group gift by Lazuri. The skin is the WOW Viola skin, from their Midnight Mania boards.
There is  a hunt going on, called the Midsummer night dream hunt. The hunt items are 1 L$ each and there are a lot of great stores participating in this hunt. You can find all INFO HERE, and hints & links too. You are looking for a blue butterfly in this hunt! Sascha's Design is participating in this hunt and if you can locate the butterfly at their store, you will get this great Madrid gown!!

Over to Ashmoot. Kristabel has designed a lovely outfit which is not free, but I am still posting it. It is not at their store, but at a friends store and right next to the Ashmoot outfit is a pair of great heels for free. You have to join the group, but joining is free.
Another store with 2 Midnight mania boards is RAWR. I blogged the female outfit from those boards yesterday and today you get the male one. On me, yes...and I know I look silly in it...