Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Do you like to accessorise ?

Hi there readers!
Today will be a very hot day in the Netherlands so I am trying to get my blog finished as fast as I can.
We all know those days that we put o an outfit and then start to think: this dress/gown/pants set needs some great shoes, or a super hairdo, or a piece of jewellery.
I found a few great accessories for you and you don't even have to teleport to a lot of locations! And I found some great outfits at the Designer Circle to wear these accessories with!
The Designer Circle runs till June 22nd so don't wait too long to go get what you like there! Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$, so you won't break the bank there.
Anyway, lets start...with the Designer Circle. This great hair is by Miss C and it is on offer at the Designer Circle in many colours. The first hairstyle is called DJ hair and it is a lovely ponytail hairdo. The other hairstyle is called Lucy. Each style is 100 L$ for all colours (you get more than I am showing).

Another designer who has a great offer at the Designer Circle is Wertina. They have this great sequin dress on offer and it comes in several colours, but at the Designer Circle you can get the gold or the fire one for just 90 L$ each.
The next 3 great (mesh) dresses are by Blink2Wink and they are available at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ each. There is also a DEMO available, so please TRY before you buy! A perfect dress to go clubbing, or just to go shopping ladies!

I found some GREAT boots to wear with these dresses just in case you decide you want to look funky. These boots are the group gift at Energy, and joining the group is free!
The male group gift at Energy are these Converse sneakers but they have a resizer script in them so they fit us ladies too! For a more sporty look.
I found some more great shoes and these are the group gift at CHoOoz. Joining is free and they have some awesome group gifts ladies. These shoes are just perfect with an elegant dress, but they also go well with your fav jeans or pants.
The next booties are by Aidoru and they are from their new Skull collection. They go great with the outfits I blogged yesterday. These booties are not free, but they give you that tough look ladies.
If you like a more elegant shoe, maybe the group gift from Mary Jane shoes is the one for you? Lovely pumps, perfect colour too. Black shoes, little black dress and you are done !
The little black dress to go with this pair of shoes can be found at Morea. I blogged this dress before, it is from their Midnight Mania boards, so get your friends over and make that board close!
Then I went to Virtual Impressions and picked up their lovely group gift. A great necklace, bracelet and earrings set, which goes great with that little black dress!
Or you could get the great earrings Chop Zuey gives away. No need to be in a group, just pick them up!
Another great set of necklace and earrings can be found at WTG. They have 2 welcome gifts and inside you will find this great black & white set.
I couldn't resist to take a look at Kastle Rocks lucky chairs and mini mania boards. They have these cute tee shirts inside their Mini mania boards (there are 6 different prices to get) and they also have 2 great gowns inside their lucky chairs (I wasn't so lucky, didn't win any).

The gift on the Midnight Mania board at Kastle Rock is this lovely black gown ladies, great to wear with the jewellery above or with the elegant shoes...you take your pick.
And if you are a Kastle Rock group member, don't forget to pick up this lovely pink gown, which is their group gift. Or the elegant green gown, which is the gift to all group members because they reached the 10.000 group members! Congratulations Kastle Rock and thank you for this lovely gift.