Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Designer Circle round #57, and some awesome jewellery for free.

Good morning readers,
It is summer here, but it seems like the sun doesn't know it yet. But it is a great day to go shopping in Second Life, as we don't have rain there if we don't want it.
Today I went back to the Designer Circle, because in this round they again have some awesome design for a low price. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$, and a lot of great designers participate, so what is keeping you here?
This round runs till July 6th, so don't wait too long!
This first outfit is by Baboom. These sequin red Madeleine pants are on offer at the Designer Circle for 100 L$. I styled the pants with elegant sandals by Energy (not free, 300 L$ for 3 pairs) and with a free shirt by Jane (called Needful things, you get a fat pack). The lovely jewellery is the Queen of Hearts set by Lazuri, which you can find in their sales department of the store for 175 L$. This set is colour change.
Baboom also has a sexy pencil skirt on offer at the Designer Circle, also for 100 L$. I styled it the same as the pants.

The next pants are also on offer at the Designer Circle. These ones are by Abia Capalini, and they come in black or blue. They are just 60 L$ each ladies! Again I styled them with a Jane top, and with the cute sandals by Energy. The jewellery is by Lazuri.
There are quite many pants on offer at the Designer Circle at the moment. These Neon ones are by Eyelure and you get a hud with them to change the colour. These pants are 99 L$ and you can change them in the colours shown.
Blah Blah Blah has a hoodie at the Designer Circle and it is called Peter Hoodie. It has a very cute backside, the hood has awesome rabbit ears on it. It comes in 3 colours, 99 L$ per colour. I am showing you the green one and the purple one.
The jeans I am wearing are Alex flare jeans, they are also available at the Designer Circle.

Over to some more female stuff you can find at the Designer Circle. How about this sweet dress by Sassy? It is called Sweetness dress and it is on offer at the Designer Circle for just 95 L$. I am wearing the beautiful rings Phoebe has on offer at the Designer Circle with this sweet dress. These rings are colour change and they are 100 L$. For that price you get a right and a left version. The piercing is also by Phoebe and you can get it at the Designer Circle for just 69 L$.

Kanou has a lovely gown and a sweet summer dress on offer at the Designer Circle. I just love both, so it was quite hard to decide what to get! But how about getting both? The lovely Alice summer dress is just 80 L$ and so is the elegant Lua evening gown. You can find them at the Designer Circle ladies.
For jewellery to wear with this lovely gown I went to Lazuri to pick up their newest group gift. A great set in ruby, necklace, earrings and bracelets. I don't know if joining the group is still free, but it is sooo worth it to be in this group! Especially for the lovely gifts you get!
The skin is Viola by WoW skins and it is from their Midnight Mania boards. The gifts change often, so just have a look what is on them. The hair is a free gift at Pocket Mirrors (on the table). Comes in 4 colours.
Another jewellery store that spoils their group members is Finesmith. They have some awesome group gifts, which I forgot to pick up for a while. So here goes, all group gifts by Finesmith from March till now.