Thursday, June 7, 2012

Strong Women rule the world

A strong woman won't let anyone get the best of her. A woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone. No matter how many rocks she has stumbled upon her FAITH AND STRENGTH remains intact.

I found this beautiful quote from an unknow person while I was looking at the Strong Women Hunt. And they have this beautiful quote about strong women on their hunt site:
“Women are the backbone of the family.
We teach our children right from wrong.

We hold the family together.”
I was at Pretty Kitties, actually for their lucky boards, but I found out they are particpating in the Strong Women hunt. So I looked for their hunt gift (you have to find a pink rose) and inside the rose I found this outfit.
The link lead me to Serenity in the Sun and they are also participating in the Strong Women hunt! I found the rose and wow, I did not get just one outfit but 2! A strong women business suit and a strong women docter outfit.

Strong women do like jewelry too, after all they are women ! So Sigma Jewels gives us strong women a beautiful charm bracelet. But only if you find the rose at their store !
The last rose I found in this hunt was at Urban Gipsy Clothiers and they have hidden this next ourfit in their pink rose ! Comes with the piercings.
Paris Metro at Santorini has brought out a lovely new MESH release, a dress called Meow Safari. It is a perfect dress for a strong woman ! I love the beautiful honey color, and also love the hoodie which is hard to see on my pics. Comes with the elegant bangles and belt! NEW release so not free!
Over to some jewelry. Like I said strong women are women after all and they like jewelry and clothes too. So let me start with the elegant group gift by Virtual Impressions. It is a beautiful necklace and earrings set in a soft jade green.

And I found this necklace in the Silk Road Hunt hunt at Always Eclectic. You have to find a little pagoda. It should be a necklace but somehow the necklace didn't rez completely for me.
And I found this lovely necklace in the blue M from the Mesh Around hunt at Izzy's. You can find the HINT page of this hunt here. And all you have to do to get this lovely necklace with the cute koala is to TP over to Izzy's and find their blue M.
If you find that same M at Handverk you will get these 2 great rings ! Wow they are start hunting for the M ladies.
Or you can search Sleeping Koala for that magical M. Because if you find it this great set is yours. You get bracelets and rings.
These brass, iron or black metal knuckles are the gift in the Mesh Around hunt at Epic Arsenal. So if you would like to own those you have to find the M at their store !
This great watch is the Mesh Around hunt gift at The Mesh shop. And who doesn't want to wear a lovely watch like this? Go find that M ladies.
I also found these great necklaces at Aura. All you have to do is find that M and you will be able to wear them too !
Another shops which is participating in the Mesh Around hunt is FE Style. They put those great glasses inside their blue M of this hunt. Don't I look a lot smarter with these glasses?
I am wearing the smart ass glasses from FE Style with the cute mesh tops I found at Ingenue. They were also hidden inside the M of the Mesh Around Hunt and you get not one but two lovely colors !

The next 2 outfits are freebies at Baiastice. You can find them directly at the entrance of the store, to the left on a small table. The first one is called Nymphae del Boschi and the lower one is called Post Human Baroques.

And GraffitiWear has changed their Midnight Mania board, their Lucky Board and their Unlucky dip. I am showing you 2 of their new gifts on these boards.