Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Siria's Fashion room , Designer Circle, some Pink Insidious poses, Shiki and Pekas

Dreamer Pixelmaid told me about Siria's Fashion room and I hopped over to take a look. A lot of designers offer one or more of their designs at this store and all offers are 100 L$ or less priced. I think that fits perfectly on my blog with freebies, cheapies or irrisistable offers. Or with just things I like even if they are NOT cheap or free. So this will be my first pose of Siria's Fashion Room and I hope you ladies will enjoy the offers they have.

This cute shirt is one of the offers at Siria's Fashion Room and it is by NyTrO. It is a MESH shirt ladies so if you are not using a MESH viewer you won't be able to see it. I styled this shirt with the cute shoes which I also found at Siria's Fashion Room and these are by MissNoise. The beautiful eye make up can also be found at Siria's Fashion room and this make up is by Madrid Solo Make up. The cute jeans I am wearing with this outfit are by Kennedy's and they are, as a fatpack of 4 jeans, the offer Kennedy's has at the Designer Circle. (look below)

And this very elegant outfit, with bag and long cigarette, is by [NS] and it is also available at Siria's Fashion Room. Even the booties, the glasses and the cute hairbow are included.  It really is a pleasure shopping at Siria's Fashion Room. Offers will change every 15 days, so don't wait too long to get the current ones.
The Designer Circle has changed their offers at the Designer Circle store again ladies. A lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs there for 100 L$ or less. Which is a great opportunity to get some really good stuff for a very low price ! The items below are only available at the DESIGNER CIRCLE, but I am giving you the LM to the stores too, in case you want to take a look there.

So let me start with the very cute dresses P.I.X.X.I.S. has put on the wall of the Designer Circle store ! A lovely MESH cocktail dress in lavender and one in candy. The elgant hat, ballerinas and bangles are included.
P.I.X.X.I.S. als has a freebie at the Designer Circle, this cocktail tattoo. Goes great with the cute dresses !
Kennedy's has a very nice fatpack of 4 jeans as an offer at the Designer Circle. They vary from light to dark and they are simply so great to wear ! I styled them with cute tops by Jane. Remember: all items at the Designer Circle are 100 L$ or less. This jeans pack is 100 L$, which means you pay 25 L$ per pair of jeans.
That is not the only thing Kennedy's has at the Designer Cirle ! They also have ever so cute dimples ! WOW I love them ! I am showing you the one cheek and double cheek dimples, there is also a version inside the box with the dimple on the other cheek. The dimples box is 50 L$.

And BeautyCode also has some GREAT dresses at the Designer Circle. The top one is called Bandage dress and the lower is called Buckled Minidress Mint. Both are 95 L$ each ! The shoes I am wearing with the dresses are the newest group gift by N-Core (blogged yesterday). Bangles are included with the dresses.

Beauycode not ony has these cute dresses at the Designer Circle, they also have a beautiful skin for just 90 L$ at the Designer Circle store ! WOW...amazing, just 90 L$ !
If you are wondering which poses I am using with the Beautycode dresses: they are the item Pink Insidious has put at the Designer Circle ! The poses are called Heartless.
Pink Insidous has some great poses, I went to their store to have a look if they had more. And YES...they do ! Look below for 3 of the great poses packs Pink Insidious has at the store (there are more, just showing you 3). The top poses are called Dishonest, the middle poses are called Snide, the lower poses are called Wicked. Each pack is just 129 L$!!

The next dresses are by SHIKI and they are both new releases (so NOT free). The lovelly flowered Empire Gown has been released a few days ago and it is a beauty. The skirt moves so elegant like the wind is playing with it !
This next outfit will be released soon at SHIKI and I am allowed to give you a sneak preview ! It is a cute bermuda in linen and a sexy top which is beaded. The name of this outfit is Yellow Jewels. I styled the outfit with a cute beach bag I found on Marketplace. It is by Wild Motley and totally free. The wedges I am wearing are colorchange and they are by SLC (not free).
The last items are the gifts I got from the Midnight Mania boards at Pekas. I blogged them yesterday after I clicked the boards and YAY.. the boards closed so here I am wearing both Midnight Mania gifts !