Friday, June 22, 2012

Not a free blog this time

Today my blog has just one freebie on it. But as this is a special blog entrance in between my usual entrances just get back here in a few hourd to find the usual freebies.
I just couldn't resist to blog the lovely Hawaiian Hibiscus gowns Paris Metro has released. WOW they are just as beautiful as all their design, elegant, lovely colors and the skirts move like flowing water ! You get 2 skirt options: MESH and mermaid.
The gowns are just 300 L$ for the first 3 days, so you have to ber quick to get them for that price. To make it a little more complicated: you can get just ONE color in each of the Paris Metro stores !! So here goes:
The lovely Hawaiian Hibiscus Emerald is available at Paris Metro Couture CWS Fashion Mall.
The lovely Hawaiian Hibisucs Sunset is available at the Paris Metro Couture MAINSTORE.
The lovely Hawaiian Hibiscus Blue is available at Paris Metro Couture Santorini Island.
The lovely Hawaiian Hibiscus Fuchsia is available at the Paris Metro Couture Four Seasons Plaza.
And the lovely Hawaiian Hibiscus Black and Sand is available at the Paris Metro Couture San Diego City.
I styled these lovely gowns with earrings which are the FUN5 hunt gift at Pichi. You have to find a cupcake with the number 5 on top to get these 5 lovely colorful earrings ...but it is n't that hard to find :) The Bangles are an older gift, no longer available but I am sure you can find bangles to wear with these gowns in your inventory.

Then I couldn't resist to show you the great 55 L$ Managers choices Purple Moon has put in their store. WOW can you believe you can get such a lovely outfit for just 55 L$? Even the necklace is included !