Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just the regular mix...

I am just too lazy to think up another title ladies, so this one has to do :) I have the regular mix of Lucky board items, Midnight Mania, group gifts and some hunt items I picked up along the way.
Today I will start with the lovely group gift by Azul. Oh isn't this a stunning cocktail dress?
The shoes are Femme by N-Core (not free)
And this next gown is just as stunning. It is the newest group gift by The White Armory. The gown has a train option but you can also wear it as a less big gown.

Baiastice also has a gown as a group gift this month and it is this lovely MESH gown. It was send out in the group notes ladies.
Then I went to Vero Modero because they have a new group gift. But not only that, they also have a great new gown released, called Behati! And they have these lovely MESH dresses, called Desire Splat, as a new release too ! The group gift is the jeans set with no less than 4 different tees to wear with it.

Then I teleported over to the Designer Circle and I saw this GREAT outfit by Mayden Couture. At the Designer Circle a lot of great desingers offer one or more of their great designs for 100 L$ or less. And Mayden Couture has this one at the Designer Circle shop !
Next to the Designer Circle shop it Beautycode. And they have this beautiful skin as a new group gift at their store ladies ! 
I am wearing this skin with the gifts I got from the Midnight Mania boards at American Bazaar. The pants with the shirt are actually for guys...ofcourse the dress is just for females or crossdressers. Aren't we ladies lucky we can wear pants and shirts too?

This cute outfit is from the Lucky board at Pretty Kitties ladies :) TP your friends to make the letters change faster !
Another remarkable skin is the one by MyUglyDorothy. They have put this skin in the lucky board at Bombi Korean SL Events.
I am wearing the MyUglyDorothy skin with the shirt I got from the Midnight Mania board at Unrepentant. The cute hair is from the lucky boards at Hinako.
This next dress and hair are also from the lucky boards at Hinako. The board with the dress is GROUP ONLY, but joining the group is free.
Then I did some more hunting and I found some more lovely gifts in the MESH AROUND hunt. The HINT PAGE is very helpful if you are doing this hunt ! You are looking for a large blue letter M.
This lovely love dress is hidden inside the M at Alter Ego.
Then I stumbled over a questionmark at Alter Ego and it turned out to be the hunt item in the CBH hunt. And this is what is inside the questionmark.
Alter Ego is also participating in the Men Only Hunt and they hid these great Tees inside the Ipod which you have to find in this MOH hunt.
And if you find the M from the Mesh Around hunt at Valentine E Couture you get this cute MESH dress to wear this summer :)
Another shop that is participating in the Mesh Around hunt is Bilo and they also have hidden a pink dress inside their M from this hunt.
To wear with these cute pink dresses you could decide to look for the M at Leverocci. Because you will get these very cute booties if you find it  !
Last one for today are the elegant booties GOS has hidden inside their M. Oh it is sooo worth to look fot that M ladies...can you see yourself walk on these sexy shoes?