Friday, September 9, 2011

I feel pretty :)

I feel pretty in this lovely soft orange dress from Snowpaws and I bet you will feel pretty in it too :) It is a lovely dress :)
The shoes are a group gift by Mary Jane Shoes.
And I was lucky again, on the lucky boards was an R which made me the owner of this lovely dress with leggings.
Snowpaws is also participating in the ABBH (American Bazaar Birthday Hunt, find the pink cupcake). So if you find the cupcake at Snowpaws you will get a sexy fringe top.
Urban Republic is also participating in the ABBH hunt and if you find the cupcake there you will find this cute fun dress inside with the blue stockings :)
At Urban Republic you can also find the hunt item of the PH hunt and inside is this sexy pants and top outfit. You have to find a bone in this hunt.
SHUSH has a similar outfit hidden in their cupcake from the ABBH. Lovely tight pants, sexy looking top :) Find the cupcake ladies !
Then I went to Kennedy's. They have a big pack of clothes and sunglasses hidden in their cupcake from the ABBH. WOW I love those fun skirts with the tops. And the sunglasses too :) The bangles are inside the cupcake by Chop Zeuy, I will blog them below.

Over to Jstyllez because the Kennedy's outfits gave me such a summer feeling. I found this bikini inside the ABBH cupcake. And the hair with hat is also a gift in the ABBH, it is by EMOtions.

The next shop for me was PixMe and look what they are hiding in the cupcake for the ABBH. WOW a lovely pink dress...find the cupcake and it is yours.
Another lovely dress is hidden in the cupcake by SE design. I love the colors. I styled this dress with the jewelry (bangles and earrings) I found inside the cupcake at Chop Zeuy. Lovely don't you think?
The last one for today is the shape I found inside the cupcake at Sophistishapes. I am wearing it together with the Iren skin, also from this hunt. To show you what a shape does to a skin (or the other way around) I am also showing the skin on my own regular shape, which is unique as I made it myself and no one else has it :)