Sunday, January 15, 2017

Going for that tough look or just elegant?

Happy Sunday Readers!
Today the #146 round of the Designer Circle started and oh boy they changed their store to a shopping paradise! I decided to get an outfit there which is a bit more tough looking than I am usually wearing, so let me know if you like that look!
I also have a beautiful cocktail dress for you by Glitter fashion, and with that dress I am wearing perfect jewelry by Moondance Boutique.
But first the skin and eyes and hair stuff.
The skin I am wearing today is by 7 Deadly S[k]ins. This lovely skin is called Fayen and I am wearing the taupe version in some of my pictures today, like the ones below. I also used the Fayen Catwa appliers.
The beautiful eyes are by my favorite Eye designer Mesange. I am wearing their Madrigal eyes today. These eyes are a new release, and they come with an awesome colour change HUD, but they also come in system avatar eyes. The HUD holds 16 colours and you can choose 4 different sizes. So easy to use!
Today I am wearing hair by Truth and I am wearing Austen hair (the hair with the cap), Briony (the lovely up do) and Elsa (the long to one side hair).
So let me start with the stunning Infatuation dresses Glitter fashion has on offer at the Swank Event. These dresses fit Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and eBody and they are just perfect for a special night out! There are 5 colours to choose from.
The perfect matching jewelry is by Moondance Boutique and it is their Nancy set. This set is colour change by touch, you get many options to war this set. It is a GIFT at the Designer Showcase and the only thing you have to do to get this set is to join the Designer Showcase group (free to join).
While being at the Designer Showcase I found this fun outfit by KiB design. They have these cute Layka skirts and tops on offer there, the skirts are 99 L$ per colour and the tops come in set of 2, a plain coloured one and one with butterflies, also for 99 L$.
The skirts and tops fit Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and TMP.
The skin I am wearing today is by 7 Deadly S[k]ins. This lovely skin is called Madelief and it is their January 2017 group gift skin. The skin comes in no less than SEVEN skin tones (I am wearing the taupe version on my blog), a shape is include and so are Omega head appliers in all these skin tones. Joining the 7 Deadly Skins group is 225 L$ but where can you buy a skin in all these tones including appliers for that amount?
On the next pictures I am wearing the Fayen skin by 7 Deadly S[k]ins again in the tape tone.
I went to the new Designer Circle store and I was stunned. It is such a nice place to shop, you can see all designers and it has an open friendly look.
You all know by now that nothing at the Designer Circle is over 200 L$ and many great designers offer one or more of their designs there.
So my other look...well I got these great poses by Black Cats Poses, called BANG! The fake gun is included and these 5 poses including mirrored ones are yours for 140 L$.
Now what am I wearing? The marvelous sweaters are called Rosie and they are by MoOH. There are 3 versions to choose from, I am showing you just one version. Each of these sweater sets comes with a colour change HUD which gives you 4 options to wear them and each set is just 125 L$. The sweaters fit Maitreya, Belleza, TMP. Slink and system avatars.
The boot/shoes I am wearing are by Slipper Originals and they fit Slink Maitreya and Belleza feet. There are 4 colours to choose from and each pair is 99 L$. You can find them at the Designer Circle.
The cute short skirt is by Blackburns and you can find it on Marketplace for free in 2 colours (white version is included).
The next outfits are by StormCrow Designs and you can find them at the Designer Circle. I just love these short spicy Carlita dresses, which come with a huge colour change HUD (13 textures) and fit Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink. The bandeau and the panties are included. I especially love the sheer options you get.
With these dresses I am wearing Rosie boots by CNZ, which you also can find at the Designer Circle. There is a sweet and a more tough version (colors) of these boots and each one is 199 L$. A HUD is included which changes every part of the boots to your liking, so you have plenty options to wear these boots!
My last find is also by StormCrow Designs. I love sweaters, and this one is just awesome. It is called Melody and a colour change HUD gives you 20 options to choose a colour from. You can find them at the Designer Circle.
I styled these sweaters with free group gift jeans by Beautiful Dirty Rich, their group is free to join.
And the hair is Louisa by Truth . All together a perfect outfit and style to go shopping !