Monday, November 26, 2012

so much to blog and so little time...

Gosh I really have so much I want to show you and I have no clue where to start. So I will just START, which is always a good idea, and then see to where I will get. The rest is for ladies get those TP fingers goes.

Let me start with Liv Glam. Tressa Beaumont told me that their group is free to join for the time being. Usually the fee is 250 L$ so I hurried over and joined. And they have soooooo many great gifts for group members. Not only that but the sim is BEAUTYFUL decorated in Christmas style. I am showing you just a few examples of their free outfits, more to come tomorrow. The lovely PEARL jewelry is by Lazuri. It is the Shaina freshwater pearl set and this set is color change. 360 L$ for the whole set. Thank you so much Tressa for this hint.

Then Monkey Martian told me about the hunt that is going on at Anna shapes. It is called the Pink Works hunt and you are looking for a very bright dot. If you find it at Anna shapes you will get this lovely shape. Thank you Monkey :)
Another shape can be found at the Black Market event at the Wash. This shape is a gift by Aeva/Heartsick skins. While you are there, take a look around ladies, everything is 10 L$ or less. The bikini is included.
The next gown is from the Midnight Mania board at Morea. Get your friends over ladies and start clicking, this gown is totally worth it. If you land downstairs: the MM board is upstairs.

Another Midnight Mania gift is this gown by Kastle Rock. Very sexy, showing lots of leg. And while I was there I clicked the mini mania boards too (group only, but the group is free to join). I got these great jeans & capris.

The Silver Lining Hunt started ladies and I really couldn't find more information about it than THIS. The hunt runs till December 9th so you have a little time to find the lovely gifts in this hunt. I wil show you a few.  This first lovely gown is the hunt gift by 22769. I styled it with the  great Lazuri Noor set, which is color change (not free)..

Then I went to Ezura and I found this elegant dress inside their hunt item from the Silver Lining hunt! I am wearing the beautiful shoes by Even Flow with this dress. They are also a gift in the Silver Lining hunt.

The last one for today is the lovely necklace which is the hunt gift at YoPulga. You only have to find the hunt item from the Silver Lining hunt to wear this Little Queen necklace.

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