Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just a quicky

Due to serious health problems my blog will just appear on and off till I feel better. Sorry.

So today another short blog as my health is still bad. I can't sit behind my PC for a long time so I am doing a quicky. Let me start with the new 60 L$ items at Sascha's Design. A lovely blue and white gown called Valerie and a sweet 50th black and white dress called Full of Sinn. Each just 60 L$ this week.

Sascha's Design also has a great new release, the Niali cocktail dress. It comes in many colors and you get a variety of skirts to chose from. I am just showing you the short skrunchy version in beige. The Niali dresses are 199 L$.
And the next outfit is also a great 60 L$ offer by SLC (Serina Lacava Creations). A lovely mesh sweater and pants, cute Uggs complete the outfit. It comes in many colors, just showing you the teal version. ONLY available this weekend !!!

Over to Dirty.Little.Secret. They have these cute new pink snuggly camo boots and lovely handwarmers at the store. The handwarmers are the newest group gift. The boots are only available at the Forgotten Closet and they are 99 L$. The cute hair is from the lucky boards at Snowpaws. It is former Gurl6 hair for the older SL users. And the scarf is colorchange and free at Mr. Poet. The tank & leggings are by Jane and they are free.

Over to some cute hats, bags and shoes. They are by Bitter Candy and they are free. There are many more at the store...just look around on the floor and walls.
Last ones for today are 2 great offers at the Designer Circle ladies. There are many more to find, and all offers at the Designer Circle are 100 L$ or less. This cute dress is on offer at the Designer Circle by {THirteenTH} and the lovely jewelry is by Pink Cherry, also available at the Designer Circle.
These cute dresses are on offer at the Designer Circle too and they are by  Pink Cherry. Two very cute ruffled dresses and 2 lovely skirt & top outfits. Bangles are included.

Last one: 2 great warm winter vests, called Down vests. They are by P.I.X.X.I.S. and on offer at the Designer Circle.

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