Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jewelry, skins, shapes, one outfit, glasses and shoes

Today just some skins, some jewelry and some shoes. Oh yes and ONE outfit. Some are free, some are group gifts and some are hunt gifts. And some you have to buy if you like them. So let me start with the newest group gift by Filthy. You get this lovely skin called Nathalie in 4 skin tones and you get a shape too.

The next skin is by WoW skins and this skin is also a new group gift. The skin is called Cindy and it is simply stunning.
Another great skin is the one you can find at Glam Affair. It is their gift in the Womenstuff Hunt. For some of the gifts in this hunt you need the group tag of the hunt (I know, I don't like it either). Some you can get without the tag. You can find all info HERE, links & hints. And you are looking for a red scupted teeshirt. If you find it at Glam Affair this Ginny skin is yours.
The next skin is by Hot Stuff and this skin is called Lea and it is their gift in the Fall Lust hunt. If you find the hunt item at their store this lovely skin is yours.
If you like the Lesa skin by Hot Stuff but you can't find the Fall lust hunt item, why don't you look for that round sculpt with a turkey on it? That is the hunt item in the Dirty Turkey hunt and you get THIS Lesa skin iof you can locate it at their store.
Hot Stuff is also participating in the Womenstuff Hunt (find a red scupt teeshirt) and inside you will find this great outfit. Boots are included.
Over to shapes. Aeva/Heatsick has released a lot of new shapes. They have several lines, the Plush collection for shapy women, the Killer Curves collection and the regular shapes. I am showing you just a few, there are many more. (NOT free)
Over to something I love very much: Jewelry. I was doing the Womenstuff hunt and I found quite a lot of jewelry in this hunt. So if you are as crazy about jewelry as I am go hunting ladies. And you might start this hunt at House of Rfyre. If you can find that red sculpted Teeshirt at their store this great brangles and earrings set is yours.
And if you hop over Sirens Stones Jewelry and you can find the red teeshirt, you will find this lovely jewelry set inside. The set includes a belly stone, 2 necklaces (a choker and a long necklace) a ring and a lovely bracelet. There is also a gift bag at the store with lovely bangles.

Chop Zuey is also participating in the Womenstuff hunt so go find that teeshirt at their store if you like to wear this great jewelry set on your next parties! Chop Zuey also has some very nice gifts at their store, they are next to the spot where you will find the hunt item. The free gifst are the Spider jewelry set and the ghost earrings.

The next stop is Two Sisters Jewelry and they have hidden this beautiful jewelry inside their red teeshirt of this hunt. You only have to find it at the store. The hint page is very useful.
And the last jewelry for today is by Stars! jewelry. They are also participating in the Womenstuff hunt and this is their hunt gift for us ladies.
I promisse dyou glasses and here come the glasses. Both are gifts in the Womenstuff hunt and the first set of glasses you can find inside the red teeshirt at Shadz.
And these lovely glasses are by [Steinwerk]. They are hidden inside the hunt item of the Womenstuff hunt and they are so much fun. They come with a hud which changes the color of the frame or the color of the glasses. And by touching you can wear the glasses up or down too! Just showing you a few options.
Then I found these great shoes as a gift in the Dirty Turkey hunt (find a round box with a turkey on it) at ChOoOz. And while you are there pick up the lovely boots which are the newest group gift at ChOoOz.


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