Monday, May 28, 2012

Some hunting and some K&C Fashion !

The That Is Totally Me Hunt is ending on the 31th of May so there is still time to get the lovely gifts in this hunt. I just bumped into a few while looking for freebies for my blog...I didn't do the whole hunt. But you can see all hunt gifts HERE.
I got a few, like I said, and this one is the hunt gift in the TITMH at Cero Style. You have to find a PINK STAR to get all these gifts ladies, so go hunting for the stars :)
Cero Style also included a MALE gift, which actually looks good on me too :)
Then I hopped over to Naughty Naughty to find this beautiful dress inside their hunt star!
And Les Sucreries de Fairy has hidden this elegant soft babydoll dress with the cute bows inside their star from the TITMH.
The next shop in this hunt I landed in was Serenity in the Sky and they hid a nice sunny summer outfit inside the pink star ...ohhh this is soooo totally me...the glasses and cute slippers are included !
Another cute outfit is hidden inside the This is totally me hunt star at H.O.E. Inc. It is a very sexy bikini in bright red, and the sunglasses are included. Just find the star at their store to get this bikini!
Winterwood design is also participating in the This Is Totally Me Hunt. They give you this sexy short purple dressy IF you find the pink star at their store.
This next outfit is the gift by [NN] design inside their hunt star!
And the last one I found it by Atooly. Inside their star you will find these 2 lovely zebra scarfs.
Then I went to K&C Fashion. I hadn't been there in a while and I forgot how many GREAT group gifts they have! WOW ..standing in front of the wall with the gifts I am many! Joining the group is free. Below are the latest group gifts, from January till May.
All shoes and boots are included.

There are also 2 QUESTIONMARK boards at the store, one with clothes and one with shoes. I got these lovely shoes from those boards and the outfits below.
Besides those boards there are MANY lucky boards at the store.

And this is the 3500 member gift by K&C Fashion !