Friday, May 25, 2012

Yet another shop closing...

The last days I just hear about shops which are closing down. Lots of great designers are leaving SL. I know new ones will be there, but it is sad to see that shops close which have been here for years! Like Aleida, they are closing down and the owner is not coming back to SL. I wish her good luck in her real life and I hope she will have great memories of SL and her customers !
They are having a closing down sale with hughe discounts and the group gifts are free for everyone.

Below are the group gifts, but make sure you get all the clothes you will never get that chance again!
The red and green shirt, the shoes and the pants are actually for guys, so are the purple top, the blue bag and the black & white pants.
The red and green dress are MESH.
The skins are the MAY gift.

This beautiful necklace and earrings set is the 14.000 member gift by Purple Moon. CONGRATULATIONS Purple Moon and thank you very much ! It was send out in the group, so check notices.
Then I went to Cilian'gel and they have a GREAT new group gift ladies ! You not only get the full gown, you also get the sleek version AND the cocktail version of this lovely gons in black and gold ! WOW...I love it.

Over to Artic Storm. I actually was there because I was doing the That Is Totally Me Hunt, but I didn't find the hnt item there! I did subscribe to their subscribo though and got this lovely gown !
Shoes by BabyMonkey.
BabyMonkey has changed their Lucky boards and their Midnight Mania boards so get your friends over and start clicking away, or just wait at the lucky boards ladies. I got these lovely shoes there ! They are called Ultimate Kitty and they come with a hud. You can change the color of the ponpons and the color of the anklets and toe rings, or the nails. You can also chose not to wear the anklets or toe rings.

I also got these cute babyblue booties from the lucky boards at BabyMonkey !

Eyelure has some really cute girlie hairbands at their Marketplace store. One in pink and one in blue with white dots and both are 75 L$. You can find the pink one HERE and the blue one HERE.

Last one for today is Y's Oracion. They have plenty lucky boards and the letters change fast ( 2 minutes). Below is what I got there, but there are more lovely dresses to get. The shoes, umbrellas, ears and bag are included.