Sunday, May 27, 2012

Don't we all love gifts?

Well I know I love gifts. And I love to give gifts. So the 3rd Aniversary gifts by Cynful are perfect....
Let me first congratulate Cynful, what an achievement, 3 years SL! And thank you all designers for the lovely gifts !
Like this first one, a gift pose and prop by Meya. I can give myself away as a gift :)

I am sorry to inform you that just after blogging these gifts Cynful removed them from their sim.
And the outfit I am wearing sitting in this giftbox is: cute capri's by Blog This!, top is part of the gift by Cynful, shoes are the gift by Energie, necklace by Legal Insanity.

The outfit by Cynful is not just the MESH top, you also get a MESH skirt to wear with it. And while I was wearing this outfit I tried the poses by CnS poses, which are also a birthday gift at the Cynful sim.

This cute dress is by Hucci and also a gift at the Cynful sim. The cute earrings in black and white are texture change (they stay black and white though) and they are the gift by MG. Both are perfect for a night dancing on top of the world. All other poses on this blog are by Purple Poses (15 L$ each pose).
This beautifyl tattoo is the gift at Cynful by Sweet sin !
Last gift is a beautiful skin by Belleza ! The skin is called Lily and all; gifts are available just in front of the Cynful shop.
Over to another skin which is a gift. This beauty is the monthly gift by Filthy and joining the group is free for the time being! Included are breast enhancer tattoos or undershirt layers, and a shape comes with the skin too!
Coca & Wolf are giving away a complete avatar and it is totally free for everyone, no group needed. So if you want to change your avatar this is your chance! Clothes, shoes, hair, everything is included, even the eyes.
The lucky boards and Midnight Mania boards at BabyMonkey have changed and I got this elegant plum MESH gown and the matching plum shoes from both Midnight Mania boards at the BabyMonkey store. Don't forget to take a look at the lucky boards too ladies !
I am weaing the plum Kittye shoes by BabyMonkey with the lovely newly released jeans by Viviane Fashion. The jeans are called Flower, they come in many lovely colors and they are just 29 L$ each.
You can also wear a pait of boots with these jeans and why don't you get these ones just to stay in the flower power mood? They are a gift by ALB design and they are called Californian boots. They come in lots of colors but only this one is free. Thank you Annalee Balut :)
The next 3 outfits are 60 L$ outfits. The first one is a beautiful gown called Tuesday by Sascha's Design. The gown will be available for just 60 L$ for the next 2 weeks.
This lovely dress is called Flirt in lime. No clue why it is called lime, because to me it looks like pastel. It is available for 60 L$ for the next 2 weeks, also at Sascha's design.
And these cute MESH dresses are by Serina Lacava Creations but they are ONLY THIS WEEKEND available for just 60 L$. They come in many designs and colors, just showing you 3.
The next beautiful gown is a new release by Sascha's Design and it is called Cassie, named after one of the valued sipport girls at the store. Four of these lovely Cassie gowns are marked down for the time being to 399 L$ (regular price 600 L$). So if you want to get this lovely versatile gown for a low price, just hop over and grab it.

The last one for today: The lucky boards at Crickets! I stood there for a while and ohhh did I get lucky ! I got a great outfit...look below! Some of it is MESH, so if you don't use a MESH viewer maybe they won't look good on your screen.
Lip tattoo and hip tattoo and shoes are included.
The content of the boards change and there are 2 MALE lucky boards too.

The next outfit is the GROUP GIFT by Crickets (joining is free).