Thursday, June 4, 2020

Gifts & new releases for GUYS PART #2.

Hello Readers!
Today part #2 of the male gifts and new releases.
 Furtacor has some awesome new releases for males and Stay at Home has some great gifts for males.
So whatever you like to get, you will look perfect and it won't break the bank.
And I also found some MALE gifts from the Menstuff hunt while doing the Womenstuff Hunt which runs till June 30th.
There is a HINT & LINK page available guys!
You are looking for a BLUE sculpted tee shirt.

MALE basics:
* The head is by GA.EG and it is called Alan.
Works with Omega and comes with a huge hud to adjust each part of the head.
It is easy to use.
The shape I am using is the included shape with the head. I adjusted a bit to my taste.

* The skin applier is  by 7 Deadly s[K]ins and it is called Edward. 
It is a  brand new release and you can find it at Man Only Monthly.
The skin toe is Caramel.

* Alan's body is by Slink.
* These Valerio shorts are by Furtacor and they are just 60 L$ !
They fit Gianni, Jake, Geralt, Slink, Adam, Legacy, Altamura and ExMachina.
The included colour change HUD gives you 15 options.

* The East Island tattoo is by Revolver Tattoo Design and you can find it on Marketplace for 10 L$.
You get appliers for Signature, Belleza and Slink.

* The Revolt shades are by Rebellion
They have a free to join group and they have 10 lucky boards group only.
The shades are on one of them.

* The Atlas hair is by Stealthic. (300 L$ per hair tone).
* Over to some awesome gifts you can find at the  stores that are participating in the Stay at Home event
These Sunga Summer 2020 shorts are by NYimagum and even though they are made for Aesthetic I still was able to wear them.
You get 3 versions.

* The Roost Tattoo is a gift for males & females in the Stay at Home event by Art Too Tattoo
The come as Omega applier, but also as applier for Slink, Signature, Maitreya, Belleza and Altamura. They also come as layers for classic avatars.
You get 4 shades.

* The No_Bling hair is a 100 L$ offer at No.Match
* These Beach shorts are also a gift in the Stay at Home event
They are by Red's Little Secrets and they fit TMP, Slink and Signature.

* The Hawaii Tank by Twisted Princess goes great with these shorts and this is again a gift in the Stay at Home event
This tank fits Belleza, Slink and Gianni.

* The Tyler Facial hair is a group gift at Volkstone. The group is free to join.

* The sexy Pete hair is by Modulus.

* The Beach necklace is a group gift by Baby Monkey, the group is 20 L$ to join.
* These Chuck shorts are by Tiar and it is a gift in the Stay at Home event
These shorts come in Fitmesh and they fit Slink, Signature and TMP.

* The Respect Tattoo is a gift for males & females in the Stay at Home event by Art Too Tattoo
It comes as Omega applier, but also as applier for Slink, Signature, Maitreya, Belleza and Altamura. It also comes as layers for classic avatars.
* This great Madras shorts set is by Swank & Co and it is a gift in the Menstuff hunt. Most gifts are free, some are 1 L$, this is one of them.
They fit TMP, Slink Signature, and Aesthetic. They also come in mesh and fitmesh for classic avatars.
Just find that blue shirt !

* The Flip flops are a group gift by Dufaux. The group is free to join.
They fit Slink, Belleza, TMP. Signature and Aesthetic. 
ATTENTION: I am wearing the Summer version. The group gift version is in plain colours.

* The Aiden hair is by Modulus.
* Last but not least: This Tony shirt is a gift by Tiar in the Menstuff Hunt.
This shirt fits classic males, and also Slink, Aesthetic, Adam, Signature and TMP.
Just find that blue shirt!