Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Gifts and new releases for GUYS (Part 1)

Hello Readers!
Today on my blog part #1 of a large blog post for males.
 Furtacor has some awesome new releases for males and Stay at Home has some great gifts for males.
So whatever you like to get, you will look perfect and it won't break the bank.

MALE basics:
* The head is by GA.EG and it is called Alan.
Works with Omega and comes with a huge hud to adjust each part of the head.
It is easy to use.
The shape I am using is the included shape with the head. I adjusted a bit to my taste.

* The skin applier is  by 7 Deadly s[K]ins and it is called Edward. 
It is a  brand new release and you can find it at Man Only Monthly.
The skin toe is Caramel.

* Alan's body is by Slink.
* Furtacor has this Denis boxer as an exclusive for the Miix Event which runs till June 20th.
This boxer fits Aesthetic, Belleza Jake, Geralt, Legacy. Signature Gianni and Slink.
The included colour change HUD gives you 15 options.

* The Atlas hair is by Stealthic. (300 L$ per hair tone)

* The Shower poses and the Shower background are both from The Saturday Sale at Foxcity (75 L$ each).
 Furtacor also has these Pablo joggers on offer as exclusive for the Outre Event which runs till June 15th
These joggers fit Gianni, Jake, Geralt and Legacy.
The colour change HUD has 15 options.

* The Strap open shirt is from the 1 L$ sale at Gabriel
It comes in 5 mesh sizes.

* The Jumpov shoes are by Versov. They are one of their group gifts and the group is free to join.
They come with a colour change HUD and they fit Aesthetic, Belleza, Maitreya, Signature, Slink and TMP and they also come in an unrigged version.

* The Revolt shaded are by Rebellion
They have a free to join group and they have 10 lucky boards group only.
The shades are on one of them.
* This Sam mens trousers and open shirts set is by MG Design and this is a gift in the  Stay at Home event.
This set fits Slink, Belleza and Signature.

* Shoes and shades and hair are the same as above.
* This awesome Gene Rocker outfit is a gift in the  Stay at Home event by V8 shop.
This set fits Signature Giani, Belleza Jake and Slink and the jacket, pants, boots and sunglasses are all included.

* The No_Bling hair is a 100 L$ offer at No.Match
* Last but not least this Stand suit by Munereia
This set is a gift in the  Stay at Home event.
This set fits Adin, Belleza, Edus, Mado, Ocean Gamit, Onpup, Ocacin, Signature, Slink and coms in Fitmesh too.
Even though it says on the vendor that a HUD is included, it is not in the gift version.

* The poses with camera are by IDK.