Monday, July 31, 2017

Oh those colourful outfits....and those super sandals...

Happy Monday Readers!
Today I am going to show you come really bright colourful outfits. Perfect for summer, or even on a gloomy day when the sun decides to take a day off.
I also found some really awesome bold coloured sandals to match these outfits!
To get this first Isha outfit you will have to visit the Designer Circle (their current round runs till August 5th). Tentation is offering these Isha outfits in 3 packs there. Each of these packs has 2 versions of the Isha outfits inside, and each pack is 200 L$. However there is a fat pack too, which holds all colours and several bonus colours too. I played around with the HUD that comes with the fat pack a bit, so you can see several options to wear this outfit below. I am also showing you an example of one of the 200 L$ packages.
I am wearing new released Janae sandals with these dresses, and these sandals are by MODA. They fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink flat feet and come with a huge colour change HUD with so many options that you can adjust the shoes to all your outfits.
The gorgeous skin appliers are called Honey in pineapple tone and they are by 7 Deadly S[k]ins. The Honey appliers are available in many tones at the The Aloha Fair. You can also find the Femma Omega appliers and shape there as a GIFT (no group needed).
The newest hair release by Truth hair is Margarita which you can find at Uber. This lovely romantic hair comes with a styling HUD which gives you many options to wear the hair. The flowers are colour change and they are included.
This is one of the 200 L$ packages
Or you can go for these gorgeous Alma sandals by Maci's. They fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink flat feet and they come with s colour change HUD which changes the top and strings into 40 colours, the sole into 46 colours and the beads into 60 colours. They are just 100 L$! Showing you a few options below.
Then I went to Loordes of London. They always have great offers, each week. So I want to show you the offers for the upcoming week.
These fun Atoll bikinis are the offer for the Super Sale Weekend of August 4th and they are just 30 L$ each. They come in 4 versions and the fit SLINK only. I am showing them on my Maitreya body, you can see they do not fit right.
And these Skortches (skirt & shorts in one) come in 3 colours for the Steals and Deals from August too. You can find them here at Loordes of London. They are 30 L$ each and come in 6 mesh sizes and one Slink version.
The lovely Majuro Atoll tops come in 3 colours too, and they fit Slink, Maitreya and Belleza. For just 49 L$ they are yours in the See You Wednesday sale this week.
There are super cute matching sandals available too, for Slink flat feet. They are called Marshall Islands and they are available in the My 60 L$ secret sale.
Last but not least the really beautiful necklaces are called Barrows Landings and they are 55 L$ each in the Fifty5 Thursday sale.