Saturday, May 23, 2015

Just a few snacks for the weekend

Morning Readers,
Still having major health issues ladies, but I wanted to share a few of my finds with you so you can go shoping over the weekend.
Today on my blog everything is free or very cheap. So not much money needed to look great.
Let me start with the newest group gift by B!asta. This group gift (joining is 50 L$) is called This is ME! The lime green version is the newest group gift, but this outfit comes in many lovely colours as a new release too.
B!asta is participating in the Gingham Hunt which runs till May 30th. You are looking for a chekered cube in this hunt and all gifts are free. You can find all info about this hunt HERE.
Now if you can locate that cube at B!asta you will find this sexy top and shorts set inside as a gift! My hint: don't wake the cat!
Then I went to Bitch Tail and clicked their Midnight Mania board (no group needed). I got this sexy black outfit from this board! Just get your friends over and click away ladies!
My next finds are all from Marketplace. I found this lovely white gown by Buttercups for free. It is perfect for those warm summer nights, to go dancing in style with your loved one. And it is free.
And this black & silver dress is by Glaz DeCuir and it is yours for 1 L$. Again a dress to go clubbing in or for an afternoon shopping with your friends.
To wear with the gowns above I found a perfect jewellery set by La Petite Perle. This lovely set is just 1 L$ and it goes perfectly with any of your favorite gowns.
Last but not least this hair do by Over the Moon is free. Lovely long flowy hair, but it only comes for free in purple and it is no modify, so you cannot change the colour.