Friday, May 23, 2014

Don't you love to shine?

Hi Readers,
There are just days I love to shine, in a glitter dress, in a silk gown, doesn't matter. I just want people to look at me and think WOW...she shines!
Well today on my blog you will find some outfits you can shine in! I am sure heads will turn and jaws will drop!
Let me start with the lovely Provocative glitter dresses Beppin! created for The Feeling Event! There are so many to chose from, and they are all just too cute to miss. And for 70 L$ you don't have to miss any you like!
Today on my blog I am wearing the lovely Nana skin by WoW skins which you can find at the Designer Circle till May 31st for just 100 L$ per skin tone. And if you do  not like this skin tone: at the WOW mainstore ONLY THIS WEEKEND you can find the Audrey and the Norah skin for just 100 L$. The appliers for Lola, Phat Azz, Slink hands & feet and loudmouth can be bought separate for 50 L$.
The elegant hair is Zaida by Tameless hair, ruby colour (249 L$ per fat pack of natural colours).
I am wearing the lovely Love Juliette bangles by Baubles by Phe with these dresses, and you can find these elegant bangles at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$. You can wear them with the ring part, or you can wear ring part and bangles separate.
These bangles just go great with every outfit, below I am wearing them with the elegant sequin tight fitted dresses Pink Cherry has on offer at the Designer Circle. The lovely dresses come in 3 colours and each one is 100 L$.
The dresses by Loordes of London are perfect to shine in too. You can find them at the Designer Circle for just 70 L$ each! They are called Tuzia mini dress and they are soo elegant. Spice them up with jewellery (yes I am wearing the Baubles by Phe bangles again, but you can wear your own lovely jewellery), sexy shoes, a hat, a clutch, elegant stockings with seam and you will look glamorous! There are 6 versions to chose from!
This next outfit is by B!asta and again you will find it at the Designer Circle. The outfit is called See the Parade and it comes in 5 great colours. You can wear the pants baggy or as a legging (the baggy part is mesh - showing you both options below). And for just 75 L$ each you can afford all colours you love.
The elegant shoes are by Essenz and they are called Geneva. They come in 6 great colours. (NOT free).
My  last find for today is again at the Designer Circle. I got the sweet Samanta dresses by Klepsydra there for just 75 L$ each. There are 2 colours available. I just love the red one, but the taupe one is very elegant too! With these lovely Samantha dresses I am wearing the beautiful necklaces and earrings by Phoebe, which you can also find at the Designer Circle. There is a gold, silver and a bronze set for just 60 L$ and they include earrings with an anchor and a lovely matching necklace.
The elegant Jeannie wedges are by BabyMonkey and they are from their Midnight Mania boards.