Thursday, May 15, 2014

A jet lag post

Hi there readers!
I bet you were wondering if I was still allive...yes I am :) I had a lovely vacation, 3 weeks relaxing and enjoying the sun. And yes I am back...but the jet lag is killing me. So if this post looks a little stange to you, blame it on the jet lag!
Let me start with the last days of round #79 of the Designer Circle and this round runs till May 16th so you don't have JUST ONE DAY to grab those great offers at the Designer Circle!
My first find are these cute dresses by B!asta. The dresses come in lovely colours and they are perfect for spring and summer! Each dress is 85 L$.
I found these great dresses and shoes by HollyHood at the Designer Circle. The dresses are called Regina and they come in 3 colours. The matching Corsica shoes also come in 3 colours.
Over to Marketplace. On one of my famous Marketplace strolls I found this great outfit by  Domiziana Piaggio. This outfit is called Poisonred Candy and the capris, top and jeans are included. And all of it is free.
My last find for today is another great outfit from Marketplace. The outfit is by FA Creations and it is called Baggy Pants Medley and it is free. The cute shoes are from a fat pack of dark colours. They are by Daisy and there is a DARK fat pack for free, and also a LIGHT fat pack for free.