Sunday, October 25, 2020

Meet Chelsea - she is a FREE LOGO gift!

Happy Sunday Readers!
Today you can meet the gorgeous Chelsea. She is brand new and she is FREE!
Chelsea is the newest release by Logo and due to their 15th anniversary they are giving her and her MALE (Chase) version the next 12 days as a gift to group members.
(they are 15 days free, but it's already been 3 days).
The LOGO group is free to join.
So...WELCOME Chelsea!
Also on my blog today: GIFTS! all FREE!
Group gift by Hilly Haalan (group is free to join)
and GIFTS from the Shop & Hop event which runs till October 31st.
There are 8 SIMS to check out:

* The gorgeous Mimosa skins/appliers I am showing you today are by
 7 Deadly s[K]ins and they are made for LOGO (they look great on other heads too!)
You can find them with a 50% discount at the main store.

* The makeup I am using today is by Alaskametro and it is from their Fall Beauty Book, which is 225 L$ on Marketplace.
This set comes as BoM layers or as Omega applier. You get 12 options for the lips, 12 for the eyes and 3 bushes.

* I am using Chelsea by Logo head and Maitreya Lara body.
* And there she is: Chelsea. 
I adjusted the shape to my liking so this is NOT the shape that comes with the head.
The gorgeous skin is Mimosa by 7 Deadly s[K]ins. Its is 50% discounted at the moment.

* The elegant Mori Party dress is a gift by Baiastice, which you can find on the TINSELED sim of the Shop & Hop event.
It fits Maitreya, Petite, Legacy, Belleza and Slink and the included colour change HUD gives you no less than 12 options.

* The gorgeous Waldorf pearl and carved Roses set was a Fifty Linden Friday offer at Maxi  Gossamer . The offer is over but they have a new one every Friday. 

* The Fixated hair is a new release by Stealthic.
* And this awesome sexy Ava Maxi dress is a gift by S&P on the SUGARPLUM sim.
This gown fits Maitreya, Petite, Legacy and Perky.
The included HUD gives you 16 options.

* The beautiful Angel Arrow jewelry set is also by Maxi Gossamer and it is their 99 L$ weekend offer (still available).
* I am not wearing shoes with this sexy dress as I love to dance barefoot. But I am wearing the fun Batte Anklets by Sheba, which you can find as a gift on 
the SUGARPLUM sim.
There is a HUD included which gives you many options to adjust the anklet.
* Or you can wear these Sigrid Black tattoos by Stardust with this gown or any other outfit. You get an Omega applier or BoM layers in 3 versions.
And where are they? On the HALCYON sim.
* This little sexy Monterrey dress is a gift by Apple Blossom which you can find on the
 GILDED sim.
This dress fits Legacy, Belleza and Maitreya.

* The Zoe Boots are a gift by Utopia Design on the GILDED sim.
They fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.

* The Candy Com fea Nom in my mouth is a gift by Epic and you can find it on the GILDED sim.

* The Solaris hair is by Escalated. It was on the (group) Lucky Boards, but it is also for sale.
The group is 99 L$ to join. There are also 3 No group lucky boards and 2 NGN Midnight Mania boards, all with hair.
* You could decide to wear these gorgeous Natusaza earrings by Rozoreagalia with the outfit above. They are a gift on the
* Or you can go for these elegant chokers by Supernatural. They come with a colour change HUD with many options and they are a gift on 
the SUGARPLUM sim.
* And this great warm Rina sweater is a group gift by Hilly Haalan.
The group is free to join and you can find the gifts in a small shop just outside the main store (GIFTS in capitals above the entrance)
This Rina sweater comes in 2 colours and in mesh and fitmesh sizes.

* The lovely Angel boots are also a group gift aHilly Haalan
They fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and the included HUD gives you 15 options.

* The elegant Scarfs are again a a group gift aHilly Haalan
A colour change HUD is included, you get 10 texture options.

* The cute leggings are by Higgle and you can find a pack with 6 options on Marketplace for 1 L$.
They come as Omega appliers and appliers for Slink and Eve. They also come in mesh and fitmesh sizes.

* The Solaris hair is by Escalated and it is from their GROUP lucky board. The group is 99 L$ to join.
You get a fat pack with streaks and duo versions and a styling HUD is included too.