Saturday, August 1, 2020

GUYS! Free gifts and bargains for you!

Good Morning Readers!
Today a blog for guys. I know my blog is more for women, but you can take your male friends or spouse shopping for free or on a low budget!

The Basics:
* The sexy head is by GA.EG and it is called Alan.
Works with Omega and comes with a huge hud to adjust each part of the head.
It is easy to use.
The shape I am using is the included shape with the head. I adjusted a bit to my taste.

* Alan's body is by Slink.

* The Jaimy appliers by 7 Deadly s[K]ins go great with the head and body.
You will need am Omega Relay HUD for both, body & head.
I am wearing the caramel tone.
Jaimy is the male belated Group gift for June and the group is 295 L$ to join. 
You get 5 skin tones and Omega appliers as well as BoM skins.
* Let me start with Furtacor. They have these Jack shorts for just 150 L$ or if you join their free group, for 128 L$.
They fit Slink, Legacy, Jake and Signature.
You get 2 versions, plain and textured and each set has 15 options.

* The watch and the shades are  both from the lucky boards at Rebellion 
You will need the free to click these 10 boards.

* The Clef necklace is by Mistwood and you can find it on Marketplace for 1 L$. A colour change HUD with 8 options is included.

* The Celtic tattoo is by JT and you can find it on Marketplace for 10 L$. 
It works for Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Belleza and classic avatars. It also comes as Omega applier.

* The George hair is by VOLT and it is their 50 L$ offer for the Manly weekend sale.
 * These Pablo joggers are by Furtacor and they are 120 each or a fat pack for 650 L$ with 20 colours.
They fit Gianni, Legacy, Jake and Geralt.

* The Kaua shirt is by Chucks Size. It fits Gianni, Legacy, Jake and Geralt.
It was at the ManCave event 2020, but that closed and I cannot find it at the store.

* The Tactical shades are by <Kalback> and they were a gift at the Mancave Event 2020. Again I cannot find them at the store.

* I hardly dared to blog this Chain necklace which is by Fake Society and which was a gift at the Mancave event 2020 too. But it is at the store and it is 249 L$ for the fat pack with all metal colours.
Strangely enough: the 4 single colours are 249 L$ each too.

* The Merc kicks are from the lucky boards at Rebellion
 You will need the free to click these 10 boards.
 * There are not many freebies available for guys byt Free Dove is a really good place to get some nice outfits for free.
You will need to join the free to join Free Dove group to get the gifts there.
I got this Men Summer II gift by Ydea there. 
This set comes in 5 mesh sizes.

* The WR 112 watch was at the Man Cave event, and it is by [Moonstone]. However I could not find it anymore. 
However Rebellion has one in their lucky boards, free group needed to click these 10 boards (blogged above).

* The No_bling hair is by No.Match. And the goaty is a group gift there. The group is 50 L$ to join but there are plenty male previous group gifts available.

* The cute Crayon scooter is by 777 Motors and was in the Manly weekend sale afew weeks ago. 
 * And this is the Summer outfit by Ydea at the Free Dove
The Chino pants come in 5 mesh sizes and the shirt comes in 3 mesh and 2 fitmesh sizes.

* The No_Destination hair is by No.Match.

* The blue boat shoes are from the 1 L$ sale in mesh clothing at Gabriel.

* The Belgian beer crate is by Code 8.
 * Ydea also has this Desert Explorer outfit at Free Dove. It comes in 5 mesh sizes and the included shoes are for Skink flat feet.
The watch is also included.

* The Maick facial hair is a group gift by Volkstone, the group is free to join and you can find 6 group gifts (facial hair) there.

* The Pith hat is by Wulf and you can find it on Marketplace for 10 L$.

* The Snow leopards are by Jian

* The Lion with poses is by Something New

* The poses with raccoon are by Fashiowl.
 * This Rick Casual outfit is by Tiffany Design and you can find it at Free Dove.
It comes in 5 mesh sizes.

* The Sneakers are by Gas and they are 50 L$ on Marketplace. They come in standard sizes but they have a resizer script. A colour change HUD with 10 options is included.

* The No_Hero hair is by No.Match.

* The poses with fence are by Clix and they are 75 L$ in the Saturday Sale.
There is a  male and a female version.