Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Just bits & bobs and some free gifts

Happy Wednesday Readers!
Today left overs on my blog. Things I meant to blog but just didn't get to.
Like a gorgeous Janet Jumpsuit which is by Glitter Fashion and you can find it at eBento till April 30th
And a new female design and a male design by Furtacor called Thomaz and Thelma.
Some more MALE gifts in the Stay at Home event for which you do not need a group. Just go to the website and click - you get the Landmark to the store & gift there.
So here goes...

MALE basics:
* Alans head is by GA.EG and it is called Alan.
Works with Omega and comes with a huge hud to adjust each part of the head.
It is easy to use.
The shape I am using is the included shape with the head. I adjusted a bit to my taste.

* Alan's body is by Slink.

* The applier today is Judas by 7 Deadly s[K]ins which goes great with the head and body. Alan is wearing the caramel tone.
You will need am Omega Relay HUD for both, body & head.

FEMALE basics:
* Vista Zoe head & Maitreya Lara body.
The appliers I am using today are by 7 Deadly s[K]ins and they are called Angoira.
You can find them at the Girls Heaven Event till May 1st. I am wearing the pineapple freckled version today.

* The Rebel lips & eyeshadows are by Alaskametro and you can find them on Marketplace as one set with 5 options for the lips and 5 for the eyes for 85 L$.
The link is to the Omega appliers, but if you go to the MP store you can see that there are other appliers available too.

* The Classic glitter Nails appliers are by Cazimi. You can get them for 1 L$ and you get a choice of 6 colours. They come as Omega appliers and appliers for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.
* These gorgeous Janet jumpsuits come in packs of 2 (plain and textured) and they are 270 L$ per pack. 
They by Glitter Fashion and you can find them at eBento till April 30th
They fit Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Altamura and Tonic.

* The elegant Burnish platforms are by Siss Boom and you can find them on one of their lucky boards. You do not need a group for these boards.
They fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and you get a silver and a gold version.

* The Emperatiza Lupita set (choker & earrings) is by Luminesse
They are a new release and there are several colours of this set available for just 99 L$ each till April 30th.

* The sexy Heart hair was on the Saturday Sale at Lamb
* This sexy Thelma top is by Furtacor and you can find it in 3 versions at eBento.
A fat pack with ALL 20 tops is 350 L$. The tops separate are 99 L$ each.
They fit Maitreya ONLY. 

* The Holly pants & shoes are also by Furtacor and they are 149 L$ on Marketplace. A fun jacket with shirt is included in this set.
The set fits Maitreya, Slink and Legacy and the included colour change HUD gives you 8 options for the jacket, 7 for the jeans and 16 for the shirt.
I blogged this set HERE before - it is no longer at the Anybody event anymore.

* The Shea brown hair is a gacha from Wasabi at the Epiphany.
75 L$ per pull.

* The Spoiled silver carved bracelets are by Tari's Creations and they are FREE on Marketplace.

* The Adah tattoo is by Nanika and it is 1 L$ on Marketplace. It comes as Omega applier and applier for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and also as layers for classic avatars.
* This Thomaz set (shirt & Jacket) is by Furtacor and it fits Signature Gianni, Jake and Slink. The included HUD gives you 15 options for the shirt and 15 for the jacket.

* The Fael jeans are also by Furtacor and they fit Signature, Belleza, Slink, Ex Machina and Aesthetic. 
A colour change HUD with 15 colour options is included and it is yours for 150 L$ (if you join the group the jeans are 128 L$ - joining is 60 L$ - 3 male group gifts are available)

* The Harefield Sneakers are by Shey and they are 10 L$ on Marketplace. They are actually female shoes but they are resizable.
A colour change HUD with 42 options is included.

* The Rebellion hair is by Stealthic (300 L$ per colour pack)
The Bandanas were a gift by Modulus at an event (no longer available).
* Some more gifts in the Stay at Home event for which you do not need a group. 
This blue tank top is by TwoSided and it fits Belleza, Slink and Signature.

* The Ink dripped male mesh bermuda is by Furry Fashion and it is a gift in the Stay at Home event.
These bermudas fit Aesthetic, Nardcotix, Adam, TMP, Slink, Gianni and Jake and they come in mesh sizes too. You get a fitted and a loose version.

* The Flip Flops are a group gift by Dufaux.
They have a free to join group and several group gifts for men available. These flip flops fit Aesthetic, Belleza, Signature and Slink and a colour change HUD is included (works only if you are a group member).

* The No_Breeze hair is by No.Match
* Last one for today are these Aloha shorts by Emerald Man.
They are a gift in the Stay at Home event and they fit Adam, Slink, TMP, Aesthetic, Signature and they come inmesh and fitmesh sizes.

* The Achiga Tattoo is by Nanika and it is 1 L$ on Marketplace. 
They come as Omega appliers, appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza and they come as layers for classic avatars.
This tattoo is unisex.

The No_Crunch hair is  by No.Match