Saturday, January 18, 2020

Something happened to that gift at the store....and an IMPORTANT FUNDRAISER!

Happy Friday Readers!

Let me start by telling that there is an important FUNDRAISER on my blog today, so please keep reading!

Something happened while I was editing the pictures I took for my blog.
The store where I found one of the gifts somehow vanished....and so did the gift.
I found a replacement, but on some of the pictures the original gift is still shown. I hope you will understand!

So what is on my blog today?
A great coat called Clair which is a new release by Furtacor .
Also a gift you can find at Blossom . They have some awesome group gifts, just keep reading!
And a gift for SL F&O members at SMESH (the SL F&O group is free to join)
Last but not least that vanished gift at Sentinus (store vanished).

* I am wearing Zoe head by Vista in combination with the Maitreya Lara body. 

* 7 Deadly s[K]ins has this awesome Rada applier/skins combination as a gift for group members (joining is 275 L$) due to the move of their store to a new location.
I am wearing the pineapple version.

* The gorgeous Fresh & Pretty lipsticks are by Booty's Beauty. 
* This beautiful coat is called Clair and it is a new release by Furtacor. It comes with the scarf and top and a colour change HUD gives you a choice of 15 colours for the top, 15 for the scarf and 15 for the jacket. For the fur you get 5 options.
You get all of this for 150 L$ but if you are a group member it is 128 L$. The enrollment fee is 60 L$ but there are 31 group gifts available upstairs.
This lovely coat fits Maitreya, Belleza, Tonic, eBody and Slink.

* The high waist jeans appliers are by Hoki Style and they are 9 L$ on Marketplace.
They fit Maitreya ONLY but they are perfect to wear under shirts, sweaters and jackets and in boots.

* Talking about boots: [Essent] is giving away all their leather & latex boots, pants and other designs.
The boots I am wearing are called Bella and you get a colour change HUD with it which gives you endless options.
The boots fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.

* The cute No_suffer hair is by No.Match.
* And there is it: the vanished SL F&O gift by Sentinus. It is the WHITE one on the pictures with the luggage poses.
These awesome poses are by Image Essentials and the luggage is included.

The designer/owner of Image Essentials lives in Australia and she is supporting a benefit to help the victims of these huge fires.
She (and several others) organized several benefits and all proceeds go HERE

There is a SIM located HERE where a benefit music event is taking place on the Australia Day long weekend of January 25th.
DONATIONS can be done there your help will allow them to continue to respond to emergencies and help them to assist animals and communities in need.
All your help is greatly appreciated!
If you need more info please contact K A Y (kay.weston)

The replacement coat I found is this FULL PERM long jacket with button by Meli Imako. This jacket fits Maitreya ONLY and it is yours for 50 L$.
There are several mappings included, but you can change the colour easy in edit and by doing that you have endless options.

* The high waist jeans appliers are by Hoki Style and they are 9 L$ on Marketplace.
They fit Maitreya ONLY but they are perfect to wear under shirts, sweaters and jackets and in boots.

* The Wool Scarf comes with a colour change HUD with 4 options is by Koyuki and it is 1 L$ on Marketplace.

* The Christmas coffee cups with pose are by Foxy.

* The to die for Jordan hair is by Besom and you can find a fat pack of this hair at Equal 10.

* The cute Carly booties are by Reign
* And this lovely warm winter set is a gift by SMESH for SL F&O members.The group is free to join.
The set fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.

* The cute Ballerina flats are by are by Reign
* Last one for today is this sexy Michelle Zippered dress and the fun WTM knee high sneakers, which are both gifts at Blossom .
The Michelle dress and the shoes fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. The dress is one of the group gifts at the store (group is free to join) and the shoes are from one of the 20 lucky boards (group only).
 Blossom  also has a 1000 L$ group credit card in a gift box on the counter for group members at their store till January 31st.

* The Scarf with Necklace is by Gachokas and it is 1 L$ on Marketplace.

* The lovely Black Ethnic Bangles are by The Bird Next Door Shop and they are 1 L$ on Marketplace.

* The Fox hair is by Lamb