Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas day 2012

Dear readers!
I want to wish you all peaceful Christmas days with your loved ones and for 2013 I wish you wisdom in your head, love in your heart and a smile on your face.
May there be lots of little stars and precious moments on your path in 2013.

It is with pain in my heart I am wishing you all this, because this will be my last blog entry.
I want to thank all designers who made my blog possible, who were so generous to give presents and organize hunts. Some of the designers I blogged became great friends, thank you all, I highly value your friendship.
I want to thank all my readers too, especially those who joined as a follower. That meant a lot to me. Some of my readers also became close friends and that was a great gift to me.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog over the 2 1/2 years kept it. I also hope my blog inspired you to go find those free treasures, be it at lucky chairs or in hunts or as a group gift.
One of my dear friends gave me something special. She made lovely friendship bracelets and they are full perm, so you can share them with all your friends to let them know what they mean to you.
Thank you so much Trill Zapato for this beautiful gift.
The bracelets are available at Boho Hobo.
This time I made it possible for you all to leave a comment. Feel free to share your thoughts. I won't be spending much time in SL anymore, but feel free to IM me if you see me online and ask for the bracelets or just share your thoughts with me.
I wish you all the best.


  1. Oh Roodvosje you have been quite an inspiration as an sl blogger and among the most consistant I have had the pleasure to follow. I remember my early days in sl when I tried to pick up one of your blogged freebies and was unable to locate it. I had asked you for help and you teleported immediately to my aid. Good Luck with your new endeavors wherever they will take you. Your dedication and committment will make you successful. Riviera Medier

  2. thank yoiu for al your amazing posts, your sweet care for when people came with questions and for your sweet friendship.
    I wish you all happiness and hope the new year will bring you peace, happiness, love and laughter.

    I will defintitly miss your posts

    Hugs Gaea

  3. Thank you so much for all your wonderful posts and great finds. You will be dearly missed. I wish you lots of love, laughter and happiness on your path.

    *Big hugs*
    Follower #50 :)

  4. happy Christmas day, its really beautiful sharing, i really like your sharing and i am going to share it with my friends on fb, appreciated

  5. Thank you ladies. I miss blogging, and I miss you all.

  6. Thanks for all your contributions to the world of SL Blogging and thanks for being a friend! I me Roodvosje one day while using her blog to go get some jewelry from some lucky boards and she has been a good friend ever since! I am sad to see you go but when you make back online, feel free to IM me any time for any reason. Stay Strong. Have a wonderful 2013. Your friend always, Tammie Hammand.

  7. I hope you have a nice year, and thank you so much for helping us freebie lovers to look better ;-)
    Take care

  8. Thank you for all your nice words. Not only the readers who left a comment here, but also the ones who talked to me in Second life. Can't tell you how I appreciate you all. HUGS

  9. we love you Rood! i am sure i speak for everyone who wishes you well and i certainly hope to see you again soon! huggsss back to you!

  10. And I also want to say a huge word of Thank You. Not only was Roodvosje searching high and low through SL and getting stuff to blog all the free goodies (I think she posted nearly every day a blog), but she also worked (works) at night as my Head Support at Sascha's Designs. Thank you darling! xxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Hi Sas :) Thank you for your lovely words. You know how much I love working for you at your store :)
    But I do miss blogging a lot so who knows one day I might start blogging again if I still can find those great free finds in SL.